10 Disney Characters That Were Supposed To Look Totally Different

so you think you know Disney do you

these classic characters have worked

their way into our hearts and minds but

did you know that some of your all-time

favorite characters were this close to

being completely different hop on board

as we ride this magic carpet through

some of the most surprising changes

including some of your Disney favorites

like Toy Story frozen and Aladdin like

it or not

2013's frozen ended up being one of

Disney Animation's biggest hits so

originally what if Rosen's main

characters had a much different

trajectory that character was none other

than Elsa everyone's favorite arendelle

princess with the power to control and

create ice and snow and who has a

natural knack for creating impressive

architecture believe it or not making

Elsa the villain would have been more in

line with frozen source material the

film is based off of Hans Christian

Andersen's story The Snow Queen

Anderson's tale was much darker hence

Disney's decision to deviate from it

frozen screenwriter Jennifer Lee

mentioned that in earlier drafts Elsa

and Anna were not related Elsa was also

painted as more of a straightforward

antagonist when they decided to go the

girl-power route they ended up with the

version of the story released in

theaters maybe you think this was a bad

decision but you know what we are going

to have to suggest that you don't say it

don't say it let it go Cruella De Ville

is best known as the conniving and

wicked elderly woman who wants nothing

more than to turn adorable puppies into

fur coats boy she really is a cruel

devil isn't she

here's something you might not have

known about her although she's a cranky

evil old lady in the final film Cruella

De Vil was originally supposed to be

much younger she was going to be a

gorgeous designer in a wealthy heiress

utterly devoted to the art of fashion

when animator Mark Davis joined the

production he made the crucial decision

to age her up transforming her into the

Cruella De Vil we all know and

love to hate as I know I know what kind

of world would we live in if Cruella

Deville had remained young and beautiful

alas we will never know ah

Aladdin if only we'd look closer would

we see a poor boy no siree Aladdin is

the 31st Animated Feature produced by

Disney and to this day it remains one of

the most beloved and for good reason

it features gorgeous animation and a

glorious soundtrack can we even say a

whole new world without you exploding

into a bombastic rendition of the rest

of the song in fact we were willing to

bet whoever's watching this just burst

into a rousing song and dance number

right the second aside from these

amazing features Aladdin also features

Robin Williams iconic take on the genie

what's not to love in fact a lot of

story is so good it was almost enough to

save Guy Ritchie's live-action remake

from being a waste of time and money at

key work almost the film's original

story however was completely different

it was more faithful to the source

material but the studio was not a fan

excuse me in fact after a story reel was

delivered to studio chief Jeffrey

Katzenberg he noted that it didn't

engage and demanded a major rewrite one

of the biggest changes was the title

character himself originally Aladdin was

supposed to be younger much younger the

character went through a number of

iterations but remained strictly in his

teens that is until the creative team

decided to go the direction of a romance

with Princess Jasmine

from that point on Aladdin was designed

to be more of a maverick from Top Gun

than a Marty McFly boy this is heavy

Beauty and the Beast was released in

1991 and was quickly dubbed one of the

greatest animated features of all time

the film is a stunning piece of work and

we don't mean that in a sarcastic hey

you're a real piece of work kind of way

we legitimately mean it's an impressive

work of art after the success of 1937

Snow White in the Seven Dwarves Walt

Disney was finally set on adapting other

well-known fairy tales the studio

attempted to get Beauty and the Beast

off the ground a couple of times in the

thirties and 50s but with little success

it wasn't until the late 80s that the

project really started to get going

one of the biggest changes from the

earlier stages of production was the

character of the Beast while he is still

an imposing figure in the final version

of the film originally he was supposed

to be much scarier the human elements

were toned down in favor of making him

look like well more of a beast obviously

this was changed to give us the more

empathetic version that we're all

familiar with he's really not so bad

once you get to know yeah and while

we're on the topic of Beauty and the

Beast there's something else that we

should address and that would be Gaston

it makes sense the Beast would have been

tamed down to become more human

the real monster of the story isn't the

Beast at all but the deplorable Gaston

Gaston is the perfect representation of

Beauty the beasts moral Center that

outer beauty isn't always reflective of

a person's inner beauty but when the

production first kicked off Gaston

wasn't a hulking mask with a muscular

form that would make even Arnold

Schwarzenegger jealous he was just a

skinny dude that looked as if a soft

breeze could send him flailing the

original look was a bit more upper-class

and pretentious but the filmmakers made

the wise decision to make him physically

perfect to emphasize the characters

contrast with the beasts ensuring that

Beauty and the beasts message is as

clear as possible but now let's bring it

back to Aladdin for a little bit we've

already talked about the hero of the

tale so let's look at the villain

specifically the villains not so trusty

sidekick Iago in this particular case it

wasn't so much the look of Iago that

changed but the characters entire

attitude Jafar was a character inspired

by the 1940 film The Thief of Bagdad

which served as inspiration for many of

Aladdin's plot points and characters

they even modelled the look of Jafar

after the actor conrad veidt who played

a similar character in that film he's

assisted by his parrot Iago who was

played by the incomparable Gilbert

Godfried anyone that's familiar with the

character knows that Godfried has a very

specific unique sound to his voice when

you go for a voice as unique as God

Fried's you'd think that that was the

plan all along and it turns out it

wasn't originally the plan was for Iago

to have a British accent while this does

seem like a fitting option we can't

imagine the squawking parrot with any

other voice but Godfrey's oh yeah and

you know what since we are already on

this a lot in streak we're just gonna

keep this party going let's focus on

everyone's favorite wish-granting Robin

Williams sounding entity the genie the

genie was originally supposed to be

green but this will switch to blue for

the final version

we're not sure what Geoff R is supposed

to be looking at in his belly is that

jasmine and a lot of did the genie eat

them or something or is the stomach

supposed to offer insights into the

future we're so confused the other big

change of course was the overall look of

the genie himself obviously once Robin

Williams got involved the creative team

spared no expense to redesign the genie

to look more like the famous comedian

and the flying genie shed a few pounds

in the process as well hello check that

banner great everybody hear me who

doesn't love woody the Toy Story

franchises lovable cowboy is one of the

most charming and beloved characters in

Disney's entire repertoire I mean even

got Tom Hanks to voiced the guy for

crying out loud how could you not love

him apparently not liking woody was the

creative team's original intention as

originally conceived what he was going

to be something of a bad guy in fact mr.

Hanks himself reportedly commented

numerous times during the recording

sessions that what he was quote-unquote

a jerk the original artwork for what he

makes these intentions clear the

pull-string toy was originally a

marionette puppet just as creepy as the

one seen in Toy Story for the dead eyed

expression the white faced and apathetic

stare this is the

face of something you find at the end of

a dark hallway waiting to chase you down

it's like what it that's not right this

is something that would team up with the

Chucky doll and haunt your dreams for

all eternity this is something Annabelle

would probably want a date you get the

point getting kind of tense aren't you

of course during Pixar's infamous Black

Friday on November 19th 1993 an early

version of the film was screened for

studio execs the reaction was so

negative that production was shut down

until the writers came up with a better

script it's a rare example of studio

heads actually making the right creative

decision thankfully it all paid off and

we got both the Woody and Buzz

Lightyear's we've come to a door still

it's interesting to consider what might

have been what are you insane

we're wasting time Snow White in the

Seven Dwarves is a seminal effort in the

history of feature animation in case you

weren't already aware Snow White is

known for her general innocence and

purity I mean the character's name is

Snow White so that isn't much of a

stretch but here's something that might

throw you for a loop apparently the

original version of Snow White was

supposed to have a way more risque feel

and look remember Betty Boop that was

the look Disney was going for that's

right people Snow White was supposed to

be a flapper girl look at that she's

even showing off her ankles in this


for shame miss white for shame it was

probably best not to go the whole Betty

Boop route as well considering she was

only 14 years old in the movie true

story and finally we have Ursula the

evil but oh so fabulous octopus from The

Little Mermaid wait is Ursula an octopus

or is she a squid I mean she only has

six tentacles which technically make her

a squid but do her normal arms count

because if they do that would give her

eight limbs and then make her an octopus

quick comment below with your answer

stat like many a Disney villain Ursula

has scarred so many kids for life with

her wicked ways and who pray tell ended

up being the inspiration for the final

version of this horrific

voice stealing villain turns out it was


other than Baltimore drag queen Devine

but before Disney got to the character's

final look they went through a number of

iterations to determine what would work

best originally they considered making

Ursula a scorpion or even a manta ray

but ultimately Ursula's iconic look has

divine to thank as they gave the Little

Mermaid villain a very distinctive vibe

that continues to terrorize children all

the live long day that's all folks oh

sorry that's a that's a Warner Bros

reference is that sacrilegious anyway

what did you all think of these big

changes which ones surprised you the

most are there any others do you think

that we should have included let us know

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