It Wasn't Supposed to Rain - The Roof is Not Ready for this.

we're starting the third stage of our


re-do what do you call it a roof over a


yeah and that entails putting sheathing

on so

previously we ripped off the old roof we

fixed the insulation we built new eaves

now we got to sheath it now to make this

job a little bit easier for us

because it's just the two of us doing it

we're gonna be screwing these

blocks of wood to the face of our fascia

up here

so that we have like lips to catch the

osb our idea is that

if we have these sticking up we could

just throw the sheets up there

let them slide down in place and nail

them it'll be pretty easy

once we get that first row done the rest

should be easy

so let's get these attached oh i gotta

do it















i feel like this is a little weird

i might pull this one over yeah that's

what i would do

it'll be stronger down here

just do it like that i don't know if you

guys can pick this up but we got some

really gray clouds rolling in it's

getting dark it's getting cloudy

it's supposed to be a beautiful day

today but we're getting a little nervous

so we gotta get working on this real

fast before we get rain


um i kind of would like it a little bit



it wasn't even supposed to rain today i


checked like half an hour ago and this

was not

at all in the forecast

wasn't supposed to rain



i don't know

now it's dripping

from the light

again this wasn't supposed to happen

dogs out there trying to get the osb

put up on the roof working fast

you push yourself every day to get so

much done and it's still

not fast enough

and we really tried to do this during a

dry spell

it wasn't supposed to rain until

possibly tomorrow morning

look at this

wipe and wipe everywhere and it just


it's so fast so much rain

mavericks room look at this

look at this

how's it doing on the floor

we're gonna get the floor

look at this

can't have this on laminate floor

now it's raining even harder

it just keeps going you're supposed to

be 93 today and sunny

wow guys that was stress on top of


i can't believe that rain came today i

don't know if ashley told you but

there was no rain in the forecast this

was three solid days of nice weather we

knew we could get the roof

closed up we checked the weather this


we checked the weather before we came

outside clear clear

and it just came out of nowhere and

rained and it poured

i was out here the whole time just kind

of trying to keep the roof

covered i got ply i put a bunch of osb

up there

plastic up there just covering it the

best i could

guys this is really stressful i hope we

didn't ruin the house we got water

coming in everywhere

but the sun is finally out so i'm going

to get back up there on the roof

i'm going to pull off that osb in the

plastic we're going to see what we have

to work with

and try to get a little more work done

we got to get this roof covered

so hopefully it can dry out with the sun

that's coming out now

so everything looks okay the insulation

is wet

but it's not too deep the this cellulose

insulation is made out of paper

it was very absorbent it took a lot of

that rain right at the surface

i think that'll dry out it'll be fine

this osb is drying very quickly it's

really pretty much dry already

that's really good so i guess right now

i just got to get back into it we're

going to clear off

all these loose sheets of osb we're

going to secure the ones that we have

down in place

finish it up if we can get it finished

we'll put all the underlayment on then

we'll be

rain safe so we'll try to do it as quick

as we can






i can't believe how hot it's getting out

i'm sweating

blue skies beautiful day i don't know

where that rain came from

we got most of this nailed down already

it's going really quick um

we should be able to get this wrapped up

today and

safe at least yeah

you're definitely a working man maybe i

could just lay some here


you hear it air compressor just knocked




look at this guys we are done feels good

to get this done guys

it looks perfect all the measurements

worked out i mean it was dead

even so i'm happy that everything was

square and straight

now we're on to underlayment we got to

get this roof covered

that's going to protect us from rain if

anything does come it's going to go

quicker now so i feel pretty confident

i just wanted to stop and show you guys

this detail before i went any further

we're putting this front drip cap on but

before i do that i'm putting a piece of


strip under here and this is like a clip

i don't know the name of it but it's

it's just a little clip for holding

vinyl siding

and i'm going to use that to hold my

fascia later on that way i don't have to

nail my fascia and have ugly nails to

cover up

so just wanted to show you guys

how we're doing that

make sense later on

this is the ice and water shield

we're gonna roll it out cut it

and put it down in pieces so we don't

have a big long

roll to deal with yeah how about that


yeah yeah we just want this flush with


flush with the flash

what's the worst that'll happen right i

don't know

at this point do you

can't be any worse than what's already

happened no

well let's not say that because then

something worse will happen



they uh they say to roll this they say

roll it

so now we have to do one more strip

going up the whole way again and then

like we're basically

covering the whole roof it's so small



it is i know it is we gotta hurry the uh

they say to roll this they say roll it


roll it


i don't think that's what they meant

when they said roll it

oh you took that too

literally a picture if somebody drove by

and saw that


so we have plenty of overlap and then

i'll get it close to the edge and i'll

just cut it

why do we even need shingles why not

just put this on i know

doesn't seem better

and easier to install too

looks bubbly right here

i mean it'll lay down once you get the

shingles on it

we got our ice and water shield down we

did two layers of it to make sure we got

in far enough from the wall

now we're gonna do some synthetic


we chose this instead of tar paper

because we really like it a lot of

people use tar paper still

still but this stuff is so nice and

if it does rain this will protect the

roof a lot better


quick progress update we're getting the

synthetic down the first one didn't go


but that's okay the second one i think

we got straight now it'll be easier for

the next one

we're overlapping these halfway some of

you guys might notice that so

putting them like a big overlaps and

that's because i read on the


that uh if you have a 312 pitch or like

a 2 12 to 4 12 we have a 3 and 12 pitch

which means our roof is pretty shallow

they want you to

double layer it basically overlapping 25


each course so that's what we're doing

just trying to do it right follow the


we don't want to avoid any warranties

just yet and uh

putting it down with our cap stapler not

overthink it my brain is already lush

i think everybody's brains let's make

sure we're still going on

are we going down now no we're doing


what am i doing

since they're watching i'll show them

how this goes

just put the staples on here

right there

and the caps go in the side here

pull the pin

that's it

i'm gonna save this cap in case it comes

in handy for something


let's see if i can straighten out this


and now the last thing we have to do

before we can go in for the night

because it's getting late is put these


edges on the sides


well this was a tough day of work

i think that rain storm just really kind

of killed the mood of the project

and it was going so good before that

so that was hard for us uh this seems to

happen every time we do a project like

this so it's not surprising but it did

take us by surprise

it was so weird it just came out of

nowhere and flooded

so heavy yeah but now

we're protected we got the roof covered

they say

not that they're ever right but they say

there may be right rain tonight

so um we'll see but we're not even

concerned at all

it'll shed right off this double layer

plastic underlayment

goes right over the peak yeah we are


yeah and then we can just shingle at our

own pace and get this roof done

it just feels good to be this far along

it really helps having the right tools

for the job we invested in some new

nailers we got a roofing nailer

we got the cap stapler which you guys

saw that's pretty cool how it just puts

down those cap staples

and if you guys don't know the cap

staples are just like this plastic cap

to help

hold the underlayment so it doesn't rip

because you know like staples are so


they might tear out easy and that helps

spread the

tension on the on it there's not too

much else to say you guys saw the


we're getting it done pushing forward

and making progress

next step is shingles we're already at

that stage to just start putting the new

shingles on the roof that'll be coming

probably next time

so yeah we appreciate you guys watching

and until next time take care bye