LIFE-SAVING HACKS FOR ALL OCCASIONS! || Genius Tricks And DIYs by 123 Go! Gold

nothing like a little summer reading hey


you've got to read this book oh

anyway as i was saying


stupid mosquito uh oh

i think i feel a bite coming on look at

that thing


why do the bugs always attack me

uh steven i don't want to freak you out

or anything

but the bug landed right on your


lily yeah

what's going on out here it's like we're

getting eaten alive

and there are more on the way how do we

get them to leave us alone


how are we supposed to hang outside

i'm covered in red itchy welts this is

worse than when i have a chicken pox

talk about summer bummer look at this


oh man hey my toothpaste

think this could give us some relief


let's give it a try

simply squeeze a little glob onto your


yep all of them almost missed that one

you sure this will work lily

why don't you ever trust me i'll prove

it to you

just one little squeeze and the itching

finally can stop

okay but after just a few short minutes

that bites history wow do doctors know

about this trick

didn't i tell you to trust me now we can

hang out in the yard again


without worrying about these spots

we'd better put more toothpaste on the

grocery list


whoa nice block lily but not good enough

it sure is hot out here huh

maybe it's time we take a rest

don't forget to hydrate nothing like

some fresh water too

this stuff's piping hot that's not

refreshing at all


whoa how did that ice stay frozen

don't you know the special trick i never

go anywhere without my

ice wondering how to tote around cold


first pour water into the bottle

but only a quarter of the way turn the

bottle on its side

then off to the freezer it goes

see you soon little guy couple hours to

be exact

now we'll play the waiting game

once time has passed it's ready


if it's solid you're good to go

now all that's left is to fill that

sucker up

see how the ice goes all the way up

it keeps things nice and cold for longer

once the caps on that stuff's staying

ice cold pretty handy summer trick

right especially on hot days like today

gotta run see it really is that easy

take some of mine oh man that tastes


what do you say we go for another round


what else do i need can't picnic without

water right

what's next i need a knife

would this sword work it has a blade


check looks like i'm all set this

picnic's gonna be fun

let's fasten everything up tight

green grass and blue sky here i come

i better wear boots for this trip

wouldn't want to dirty up my white


there i'm running right on time too

is that my phone


i must have forgot to grab it so


wait those boots are filthy

i'm gonna track up the house kevin would

kill me

is that mine

go live outside if you want to live like

an animal

i can't but i don't want to take my

boots off

hey what about those plastic bags

may as well put them to good use why

take off your shoes

when you can wear these tie them nice

and tight

no mud coming out of these bad boys am i


or what

hello hey adam


you're ironing would you mind ironing


it's bending a ball in my closet

no oh man hey lana

3d please with the cherry on top



no fine i'll just be wrinkly then

no means no kevin

and back into the closet it goes

is this clean yeah that's a hard no

more checkers

looks like old wrinkle shirt wins

wait i may be able to fix this myself

hey need a quick steam

start by spritzing the shirt with water

then turn on your fan and let science do

the rest

the wrinkles will smooth out as it dries


after a few minutes it's ready this was

quite the show

huh let's see how it looks kev

now that's what we call wrinkle free

thanks for nothing lana


i'd better change out my books

lousa my brows are misbehaving again

come on guys time for a quick pluck

i have some tweezers in here somewhere

don't i

don't tell me i left them at home oh

of course i did wait i have spare change

in here


i'll just make my own pair of tweezers


it's actually working the hair is coming

right out it may not be ideal but

it sure is handy see you later bushy


it's looking better already

these things really save the day i'd

better head to class


oh no is he behind the door oh

thank goodness this movie's nuts

i definitely forgot about the meeting i

gotta get ready


why am i still holding these my hair is

now my top priority

well this won't die i'll just dry it

while i text her pack

i gotta have fresh breath uh hello

ah so much hair

i think i can use this pringles can


instead of throwing one of these away

turn it into something new

but you'll have to cut it in half first

wrap it in colorful paper

we chose orange now glue two suction

cups to it

hot glue works best and once it's dry

you're done you're about to be a

lifesaver mr cam

get ready for some hands-free styling


too people i didn't think of this


ah no hair in my mouth i kind of look

like a model this way

does my hair look fabulous or what


oh i better get a move on it

this next secret hideaway hack is

perfect for us ladies with outfits that

don't have

pockets with a glue gun go ahead and

glue shut one end of the tube

put a dot of hot glue at the opposite

end on top of the tube

place a little snap on there and press

it on tight put another dot of glue on

the bottom of the sock

and attach a piece of ribbon to it with

the other half of the snap attached to

the other end

now loop this ribbon around the middle

of one of your bras

and attach it to the snap up top

i wonder where that guy is with those

secret pictures i requested

he said to meet him here

hey don't move here's your top secret

flash drive

whoa where'd that money just come from

what are you some kind of alien or

something i don't want to know

i was never here