IT Chapter 1 & 2 Supercut Breakdown | Every Deleted & New Film Scene That Will Be Added Explained

welcome to the heavy spoilers show I'm

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it's super cut being announced earlier

this week I thought it was time to break

down everything we know about the

upcoming release the supercut will

contain both films as well as all of the

deleted scenes and even some new ones to

flesh out the entire story of the losers

Club the original cut of it chapter two

came in at four hours so that was a lot

a minute from the release that we'll

finally see the light of day with this

new extended edition throughout this

video I'm just going to be going over

everything we know so far all of the

deleted content that will be added back

in and what we can expect in the new

additions there will be heavy spoilers

here so if you haven't seen the film yet

that I highly suggest that you turn off

now without the way I just want to give

a huge thank you for clicking this video

now let's get into our breakdown of the

it super cut okay so the first scene

that we know will be included in the

super cut showcases summer Pennywise his

backstory most notably the well house

which is seen in a painting when Ben is

sitting in the library this scene set in

the 1600s had a formless Pennywise

appearing and it would show the creature

chasing a woman with her baby through

the well house before finally trapping

her in a room the woman pleaded with

penny wise did not eat her or a family

to which penny wise says that he will

not kill them as long as she lets it

have the baby in this scene the woman

then puts the baby on the floor and

leaves the room and we would see a bald

red Pennywise slowly circle it we would

later learn that the well house would in

fact become the house on neo belt street

and the well itself would become the

entrance to penny wises lair this also

has scene where we see Henry Bowers

going mad after slowly being driven

insane by the torment of penny wise and

we pick up with bill after fleeing from

the basement during the scene in which

Georgie appeared in it he pleads with

his father to check the basement because

of how flooded it is and how Georgie is

down there his father goes into the

basement and we hear him wading through

the water before coming up and saying

that it's as dry as a bone

this mirrors the scene with Beverly in

which her father was enabled to see

blood and also showcases how Pennywise

has a psychic effect over the

townspeople so that it can continue to

operate in kidnapping children we also

see Henry Bowers in a car stalking the

losers before the attack in the house of

near bolt Street and he's also killed

his friends this mirrors his appearance

in it chapter 2 in which he followed

them with a car before attacking them

the final scene added for the super cut

would be Bill moving away with his

parents to Arcadia at the end of the

movie he looks at his hand with his scar

of the earth before getting in the car

and leaving the area to go on and become

a successful writer and this scene

cements how he managed to get away from

Derry going on to the second film now

which will still be part of the super

car the first scene that we saw in

trailers for its chapter two that didn't

make it to the film is Pennywise jumping

out of the wall with Mike looking up at


this scene actually centered around Mike

returning to the burned-out building

where his parents died in order to find

a token to help him fight the clown in

the ritual of Jude at the location when

Mike returned Pennywise was going to

taunt Mike over the death of his parents

and say that it was their fault of the

building burned down and there was also

going to be the corpse of a young girl

who died in the fire screaming out at

him which would hammer home that Mike's

parents were responsible throughout the

film Mike believes that his parents were

drug addicts due to a newspaper title

however later in the film we see this

changes upon the defeat of Pennywise

showing that the character has always

mistakenly believed that his parents

were the ones to blame the title of the

paper was revealed to say two locals

died serving neighbours daughter from

electrical blaze and would cement that

they were heroes rather than simply

addicts this scene reiterates Mike's

guild as well as how he feels towards

his mother and father and will also

flesh out Mike going back for a token

moving on from this in the original

script when going to get his token been

visited the quarry instead of the school

and this is where he was confronted by

the severely burned Beverley that taunts

and chases him whether they will switch

this up for the super cut or keeper as

the school remains to be seen but they

might change the scenes up to show

viewers what they could have gotten in

the final cut the quarry also appears at

the end of the film though which I'll

get into later so this might have been

deemed too repetitive in addition to

this the scene in which Beverly visits

her home and runs into mrs. Kirsch would

be far longer than the version that we


the theatrical cut in the trailer for

the film in which this scene was first

shown there were several elements of it

that didn't make it to the final release

and thus we know that a lot got left on

the cutting room floor this includes the

way in which mrs. Kirsch transforms with

her originally doing it in front of

Beverly in the concept art as well as

her teeth falling out during it upon

leaving the house a balloon with the

words sweet dreams bevy would also

appear on top of this when mrs. Kirsch

pulls Beverley under water on the way to

Penny wises lair that was also a scene

in which the two fought it out in the

film this moment seems a bit jarring as

she's pulled under the losers Club dive

in to save her and then emerge without

there really being much of a struggle

this scene was gone to flesh out this

encounter and also show them tackling

Kirsch and freeing Beverly from the

creature Jessica Chastain was injured

during this so it's a shame that we

never got to see it but if you're

looking for things to cut then I guess

this doesn't really add all that much

fans have also cried out for Mature in

the tale to appear in a version of it

but borrow a few references it's never

made an appearance however in the

original cut of the film when the losses

returned to the quarry they would once

more spot a turtle underwater similar to

how they did in the first film I promise

to cover the turtle one day in the video

but Andy machete director of the film

has said that he does want to flesh out

more of mature ins appearances in the

film this ties in with the fact that

mache has also said that he's working on

bringing new scenes to the movie for the

supercut and in an interview with été he

stated we're in talks with the studio to

make a super cut which is basically the

two movies edited together with all the

material that is not in the released

versions and yeah there are a couple of

scenes that I want to shoot to make this

a new experience one thing is from the

novel and the other thing is not I want

to be a little cryptic about it he later

went on to say to Entertainment Weekly

when discussing the possibility of a

third film it would have to be the right

type of approach to it the book ends

where the second movie ends so that is

the final chapter of the story there is

this interesting aspect of going back in

time before this all happened there

might be a story there that might be

worth exploring obviously that would be

a story that's not in the book it would

be a free-standing story but obviously

within the same universe so there might

be something

interesting out of it I think it would

be fun so the new scene could

potentially focus more on penny wisest

origin story and its attack on the early

settlers of Derry as well as the

colonies that he wiped out which is paid

lip-service to in the first film either

way there's a lot to look forward to and

I would love to have a mega cut that

viewers can just sit and come back to

almost like a TV series obviously I

loved hear your thoughts on this news

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