(How to) Survive Tokyo’s Summer Heat in the Coolest Place — Shinjuku?


welcome to Shinjuku Station this is the

higashi-kurume station so you don't see

a little heart print of sweat on my

chest it's so hot that if you go outside

you start looking like a prune so hot

that whatever you you drank five seconds

ago ends up all over your body in the

form of puddles it's really really

sticky really hot and that's a Tokyo

summer Tokyo summer although the

thermometer may say something like you

know 35 degrees Celsius and everybody in

the Sahara and Arizona is just laughing

and going we've got 105 degrees


well I'll tell you what mr. and Miss

Arizona you got nothing on Tokyo because

this place is a sauna and there's a

difference between you know a dry heat

and heat that just soaks your energy and

then school squashes it like this and

that's where we are

and it helped me decipher this all is

Peter a man who needs very little

introduction welcome to the hottest

place on earth it's hot proof yeah but

what is it what is the temperature by

the way oh my gosh what are we even

alive I don't know it's uh nice I don't

want to go to heaven if you stand next

to me that means you gotta trapped me

with you it's like oh it says 40 degrees

Celsius so that's over a hundred okay

it's hot it's very hot and but it feels

like this is not a feels like

thermometer if it was it feels like the

mom would be like what 50 or something

it feels like a hundred amia it's hot

it's hot and in Shinjuku

it's especially hot because we're

surrounded by concrete so it's concrete

everywhere like the streets just they

absorb the heat they radiate the heat

and it stays hot all day long it's like

a frying pan yeah so JD here's got an

idea a cheap way to stay cool was it my

I think was your idea

are you right he has an idea that's oh

my are you just gave it to me a cheap

way to stay cool and Peter is going to

take us on a tour of this shortcut or

shall we say hack staying cool now you

could go to a pool there are other

places that probably are cooler but

there's nothing figuratively speaking

that could be cooler than we're going to

show you today right let's go let's go

so Shinjuku happens to be one of the

most crowded places on earth but not on

this side and not on this day right

there's the Silver Line making its way

into the station so that's proof we are

here now Peter knows a lot of shortcuts

like trees which are very few of in the

city but you can also you know find

shadows of buildings and stay on the

proper side of the road that's also

another shortcut but that's not what

you're gonna show us so backing up a

little bit I my my beginnings in Japan

or in Shinjuku I used to work here it's

down the street and was here today sanal

yeah yeah I was here six days a week and

a lot of pretty incredible things have

taken place for me and it seems you

could so in the summer time it's

especially hot here however when you

walk down this main Boulevard which

we're gonna show you it looks a lot

different during the daytime it doesn't

have all the lights lit up which we're

all used to for the night scene of

scenes you could right however there's a

ton of luxurious department stores with

the AC cranked way up oh yeah it's so

cranked that it spills in the streets so

that makes Shinjuku the coolest place in

Tokyo gonna watch this thermometer drop

as we walk down the street is it really

gonna drop because that looks like one

of those thermometers right you have to

stay there for five minutes no well

you're gonna stay here for five minutes

I'm not staying anywhere for five


what are you talking about well being

half India and my body is somewhat you

know used to taking the heat both in

terms of spice and temperature if you

know the temperatures in New Delhi it

gets up there to like 50 degrees Celsius

with plus plus pollution plus pollution

so it just sort of you know it stays

more like that the the temperatures

stayed trapped into into the all around

the city it's pretty hot in Delhi but

Tokyo is pretty hot too we used to have

pollution here as well or the Delhi's

air conditioned in Delhi I don't think

they have delis in Delhi you know no all

right so what you see here on the on the

right side is bit camera and on the left

side is ABC Mart and this is going

toward shinjuku-sanchome M which is

famous for having tons of department

stores and it's a very short walk it's

about five minutes so this alley down

here that you could see will lake leads

you towards kabukicho which is where all

the nightlife is but for this dream

we're gonna walk down the shopping area

I'm already dripping sweat due to

and Alby the department store is open at

10:30 in Shinjuku so what time is it now

it's 10:35 Oh

so we we should start to feel some air

conditioning I hope very soon

behind me ah I can feel it

they either they leave the door open

it's the cool down the city yeah that's

trails fantastic look at this it's bad

you said it it's fantastic

check out that air conditioner right in

the right in the door that's one of

those industrial oh dude dude stand here

stay in here okay look at the

temperature right now has a cool dogs

too it's thirty about thirty nine right

now I've gone down at once degree this

is so cool I think it's gonna get cooler

we're actually we're actually shopping

is this stealing if we're standing and

and borrowing their AC is this actually

stealing I do have AC in my house it's

not as powerful or as high because I had

to pay for it so in a way this could be

putting an object on layaway one day I

will buy from ABC Mart I always do it


any-any dropping this dropping it is

dropping one degree one degree so at 38

and I'm liking that there's a there's a

lot of things dropping including the

price yeah there used to be eight

thousand yen that price dropped by 30%

yeah you are happy

we're feeling happy until it's at 37 now

37 all right that's a good three root

three degrees drop here so I think this

thermometer might not get the drop right

away we should have got one of those

lasers you know you point the laser well

there we are near big camera hey solo

here's the place that keeps Chloe Guetta

a caramel macchiato in one of those

Frappuccino type things that'll cool you

down that's a new one I don't remember

to look at the IO there's a three oh wow

I didn't know compartments I didn't know

that building existed yeah that looks so

cool yeah but I'm still hot that's that

that's the wrong kind of cool all right

we gotta close to the big department

stores all right green light blue light

and maybe we should coffee see cookie

said tom is just up here again let's

check the Bigfoot all a big crow so

across the street as you can see big

cutter which is a massive electronic

store combined with the unique low

clothing store and they've created big

clove big camera Uniqlo big claw get it

okay I guess they get it you don't Peter

doesn't get it I don't know I don't know

but I get a feeling that they've got a

good feeling inside yeah what do you

laugh at that I can't do this is live we

got to come up with material right up

right up right off like this you need to

go back to your 39 now I put it this way

so we can see it great okay all right

there you go

it only says sell just whatever

Americans supposed to do like us because

we are American


so I put it like this zero equals 32 and

then for every 5 degrees Celsius is 9

degrees Fahrenheit so 5 is 41 10 is 50

15 is 59 20 is what 6 wait Matt Hart

I don't know it's just it's so hot I've

started to feel it

yeah we're now under the influence of

this 40 40 40 okay what 40 I'm being

pulled in this department stirs tractor

beam yes the tractor beam is feels good

it feels cool wait let it let it ferment

let it ferment oh you feel it you feel

it I'll let it ferment just just let it

fester a little bit stand outside

ah man it literally it's it's completely

dropped the temperature I'm not going in

the store but I'm going to stand here

and borrow their air-conditioning the

temperature has dropped literally it's

at least spring time see it's no longer

summer it's now spring time it's a huge


it's so big they have been really

massive sized industrial air

conditioners aha the stream is coming

this way my plane is here everybody's

been watching for 10 minutes and going

what are these guys doing

Tokyo is super hot and you can't see the

sweat I can start to see the sweat marks

in your shirt dude you even with them

even with the white it's starting to

come through and I got beads of sweat on

my forehead we haven't been anywhere

this really can be like air conditioning

of surfing aircon surfing in Tokyo so to

encourage make it says take your hats

off it's still it's still hot it's just

a little bit cooler what they do in the

baseball the 1928 these hats are warm

when I went to Cooperstown and saw in

the Hall of Fame they're made out of

wool in the 21st century amazing babe

you should have been a much better shape

shape sweating it out back then but you

really like hot dogs all right look this

is the standard model oh these are the

corona that's a cheaper brand but these

air conditioners this is a typical air

conditioner in the Japanese house we

don't have central air conditioning we

don't have central a/c but what we they

mount them on the wall with with a pipe

going outside to the actual machine and

pumps into the end of the house escaping

through all the cracks and

and eventually your house is becomes a

sweat pit and then after a couple of

weeks you get the first electricity bill

and you decide to turn off the air

conditioner and and just sweat it out

yeah if you wanted hotter go stand in

the Sun that's sort of hey my my dad

would never turn on the heat when I was

a kid he he'd have very strong control

over the thermostat and if we were cold

he would say to put on a sweater and if

we were hot and he would say go take a

cold shower I don't think that was funny

when you're a kid that's not funny at

all it's very you know it changed my

life I am Who I am because of that what

Mitch your dad at your wedding yeah he's

kind of a no-nonsense dude he doesn't

take any nonsense

although he yeah he can't be nonsensical

sometimes though he's not watching this

he doesn't he's he doesn't watch this

stuff whoa whoa almost a guy's ease we

have dropped down to almost 36 degrees

that's support in front of you

yeah that's nine degrees Fahrenheit

cooler okay for those Americans almost

nine degrees we're gonna take it down a

notch now this here is a seat on this is

one of the biggest department stores I

don't know maybe in the world it's so

big I should have the the wide-angle

lens on the other side this side and it

is luxurious Peter actually wanted to go

inside and hang out here to cool off but

due to not having permission to film

inside a department store we're just

gonna stay outside here take y'all on a

tour there's a there's a department any

seat on department store here Oh

his department stores have department

and this one this one in particular is

very popular with tourists because they

have some really amazing Jeff made in

Japan goods someday that you have to get

on a waiting list like this moment

frying-pan takes two years to get

delivery of it Wow

so this is the shinjuku-sanchome a

station i gotta avoid this tunnel of

signal death because then this will make

the stream die but you can see the

tuition tjuku line vitoca food food to

cook I never ride that one foot the

coast ocean line and the modernity line

stop here okay I want to show this

everybody really quickly that are

watching the city of Shinjuku

you know the shadow it's free Wi-Fi and

it's Godzilla approved the Wi-Fi

password is Shinjuku free Wi-Fi pretty

original did you ever use it

not on the street I don't use it it's

not as I I have an almost unlimited

bandwidth although it's not unlimited

it's quite expensive but I have so much

bandwidth that it's faster just to use

the 4G I don't use so and I think it's

more secure yeah but if you're a tourist

and you don't have cell phone it's a

pretty good like fix what do you need

the Google map and find out where you're

going there's another Starbucks over

here there's one of those new taxi cabs

this is mom what's the door closed

automatically oh wait the ladies get my

Oh gateway yeah there's another

Starbucks up here this is bui bui

that's not wait not now we call that I

look he closes the duck Nicolas is the

door or wall he's long used Rhett no

it's not still it was it I don't want to

point out you know a coffee chain with

the green logo from a character from the

book Moby Dick or a computer company

with an apple with a big bite out of it

don't show that either now I'm not gonna

show this alright here we go this is one

of the most historic department stores

in the in the country don't look at me

look at this this is easy time its

massive its historical its it goes it's

it can be also from price ranges from

the very cheap to super expensive that

none of us can afford and the history

goes back to the year 1886 which is

pretty much the Meiji Restoration it's

about 18 years after the Meiji

Restoration where Japan's opened up the

government so that's pretty fast opened

up a department store that's been in

here in this location so that's the


this is Shinjuku three Sancho Mae

no Julian no Ichi that's the address so

the iron warden here

you know

really beautiful apartment building it's

a beautiful building it's a beautiful


hey guys thanks for the super chats I

appreciate it link cats we saw another

one back there it's all the big Buster

survived and I Cassie go buy some yummy

ice cream whoa

90 degrees in Ohio you know what I wish

that we had some graters I when I went

to school at Ohio State I eat graders

all the time best ice cream in the US

that's fennan dairy is pretty close

second I'd turn us around here what's

going on Peter you're like ice cold

right I don't I think the signal is

gonna die if I walk into this vestibule

of death okay let's meet let's try it oh

you saw that right when I ride down the

streets in the summer time on my scooter

I feel it's literally the street

have you ever have you ever come to the

department store at ten o'clock when

they open at 10:30 sorry they open at

10:30 and the staff will make a line

when they open the doors and they bow to

every customer coming and showing great

respect I know that Mitsukoshi does this

I mean I'm pretty sure that they do it

here too and they do this for a couple

of minutes until the crowd goes and then

BOOM they ask you about yeah it's a

pretty amazing experience and if you

ever want to see Japan's that the staff

will make a line and while you walk

through the line they bow to you and

it's one of the big attractions and I

don't think a lot of tourists know about

but maybe maybe they do maybe they don't

I don't know service there's Catherine

Catherine is on summer break for a

couple more weeks

Catherine schoolteacher Catherine that's

right Montreal Hey

hey guys greetings everybody all right

Esteban's in the house man John I would

love to visit next year you inspired me

to learn the language and I love the

production quality of videos thank you

production video of live streams not so

much the other channel is pretty darn

good because I sweat sweat it out on

that one new video coming real soon to

capsule hotels oh nice yeah all male

capsule hotels that means he can come

but half of you can have some time but

there's a reason for it just like they

have all female capsule hotels

there's the reason all right by a large

cherry Slurpee why would you say large

cherry Slurpee we don't have Slurpees in

Japan we have frappuccinos though so

it's a coffee off but it's so cool here

oh wait dude they they did open up a

store of that big Apple company across

the street I didn't know that I'm not

giving any free publicity they've been

getting pounded recently but I didn't

know they opened up just a third Apple

store at Tokyo I believe one is in

Shibuya which I think they closed the

other one is a multi Sandow and the

others in Ginza it's hard to say

Chucky's he's really soaking it up he's

really soaking this up temperature keep

keeping it keeping it keep it in there

you want to walk inside and come out

yeah 30 seconds okay for for science

capsule host sequel estaban it's sort of

like a capsule hotel sequel but instead

of going to alright well Peters in there

I'm gonna tell you a little bit about

capsule hotels you don't have to look at

my face you much better look at the city

of Shinjuku so the capsule hotel that I

went to is something that's a throwback

from 40 years ago it's it's one of these

capsule hotels that like our fathers

went to because they worked like 70 or

80 or 90 hour weeks so they would just

crash for three hours at a place like

this rather than go home which is

usually a long commute in the 1980s

people would commute like two three

hours and then it'd have to commute two

hours back it didn't make sense to go

home so that they would crash at a

capsule hotel so what I did was I went

to one of these places that's a

throwback because every single capsule

hotel video that you see on YouTube now

is one of these themed capsule hotels

open pretty much just for tourists like

first cabin and they're really good I'm

not don't get don't get the wrong

impression I'm not negative on them it's

just that these are these were set up to

make a more comfortable hotel like

experience not a place that you crash

they're not set up for businessmen

they're set up for tourists here on

vacation or people on holiday who want

this which is genius because these are

people that want to live in a small

compartment and they'll pay and be happy

because it's larger than a capsule but

smaller than a room so they're making

out like a bandit and the new trend caps

hotels can raise the prices and they're

doing quite well based on the capsule

philosophy so I went to an original

capsule one that's been open for 40

years and I checked it out and I got the

story of why it's men's only and where

this culture used to be and where maybe

it's going in the future

so it's a very journalistic piece

I hope you enjoy it it's coming out and

so is Peter all right give us the

rundown 33 33 Wow

well from 42:33 that's pretty impressive

so that's about 12 13 degrees Fahrenheit

drop on a thermometer that takes on a

thermometer that takes 12 to 13 minutes

to draw ha ha but but over the course of

the last 20 23 minutes I think we should

what other ways are there Peter to cool

down in the city of Tokyo all right

we've got ice cream I made an entire

episode linked down eating ice cream

yeah 6 million views to sing what I

think I can sort of say that because

it's true well everybody loves Arby's we

don't have that but yeah cold drinks

yeah eating spicy food is what we do in

India at least what my mom taught me

even icy foods down and it helps flee it

down because it's you sweat if you're

hot internally and you cool down

externally it does cool you down and

spicy foods that heats me up but yeah

there's other ways about this oh do you

carry that with you I did today nope no

print on it's very masculine there's no

flowers or geisha it's nice it's pretty

nice it's called us sensu in Japanese

since a very good censor yeah

you have good sense if that the joke

doesn't work for Japanese though yeah

alright it doesn't look very stylish so

this goes with your kit you cops might

like the pattern tumble right the tumble

the dragonfly's nice Japanese lady

how dare she speak to hear the song all

right so this livestream is a little bit

special I was gonna go for about 30

minutes and then I'm gonna hand it off

to Peter who's gonna start live

streaming right now okay get it out and

I'm gonna say my goodbyes I put a link

in the description to the other

livestream so you can pick this up on

Peter's channel to cool down I try to

crank up the air conditioning but I'm

telling you right now it doesn't really

make much of an impact inside of your

house and it gives you also very dry I

like to go to pools during the day

there's a lot of community pools that

you can go to for a couple hundred yen

and then there's Summerland out in tens

of boons of Tokyo with a wave pool it's

cooler but there's about 5,000 people in

the pool and you can't see any water

which makes you question this Santa and

say if it's Sanitarium favorite candy


I mean after they've been in the freezer

right because I like to put my candy

bars in the freezer popsicles work yeah

there's lots of options here what are

you laughing for a giggle master what's

in the pool Oh Oh Baby Ruth in the pool

notice me since it for Han you've been

noticed noticed what I supposed to do

that dude okay it's pretty much the best

way to stay cool it's just sweat and for

all of you who see me in my past videos

I sweat a lot because it's really like

interesting patterns on is sure

that's right deliberately wear the dark

shirts for the show no you know how they

show up they show up and up in a sweat

in a salt pattern right after a few

hours the salt from the sweat starts to

show up on the Wonder and it was like

the face of Jesus oh no no don't get

don't go there but you can what do you

get interpret lots of things from the

sweat patterns now Peter who who's got

his head away from his his phone like a

55 year old man tapping it like now he's

getting away so I can't tease him but

he's tapping it like he knows what he's

doing he does oh did you start already

no there's not so you could actually see

us live streaming and now if you go to

his channel you'll see channel 2 yeah we

can do that this is then this is the

2018 it's pretty cool all right so you

this is an iPhone X this is an iPhone 7

plus do you see a difference I can see a

big difference so I'm gonna do the last

20 seconds looking at you looking at you

so thanks for joining us on this

livestream everybody we're getting

double trouble an extra Peter extra

length on this video click the link over

here and subscribe see everybody