Summer in Spain: a dream adventure (travel video)

I once met someone on a beach in Spain.

Will you take a picture of me?

I'm from LA, where are you from?

Close by

Have you been to Madrid?

Come with me...

So tell me about your life back home.

I work in marketing.

I asked about your life, not your job!

Barcelona is my favorite city in the world!

Spend a whole lifetime in Barcelona, and it may not be enough.

There's a

festival in Pamplona... it's magical!

Tomorrow we'll run with the bulls.

Are you crazy?

You could die!

Everyone dies eventually, but only some people really live.

There's an island... called "Ibiza."

What's next for us?

Let's just live in the moment, there will never be another today.

Do you have to go home?

Do you have to stay here?

Will I ever see you again?

Stay here with me instead.

It's not realistic, it's a dream.

What's so long with living in a dream?