Best Season to Visit Japan




when traveling there is a great deal of

stuff you have to think about like your

budget places you want to visit

things you have to bring and so on

one of those things are when you want to

live in this video we'll talk about the

different timings there is it depend and

how they can change your experience


spring is a time when the Sun finally

starts to show itself a little longer it

is a very comfortable time to visit

Japan and it's not too hot and not too

cold but during the first part of the

season you'll most likely still be a

need for a warm jacket at the

temperatures will average around 13

degrees in March at the very end of

March the temperatures will rise which

will result in the secretary is

preparing for a flow bloom

the dazzling cherry blossoms in full

bloom are definitely a good reason to be

visiting around the time when you decide

to visit around the cherry blossom

season and I recommend watching my

second video which I link in the

description below in spring we also have

the opportunity to visit the spring

festivals the festivals are usually held

around the cherry blossom blooms which

only adds to the experience and as the

temperatures are not as thin forgiving

as a summer it is a perfect time to do a

picnic accompanied with a strong zero


the biggest image of summer in Japan are

very humid and hot days

fireworks festivals and crickets at the

very beginning of the summer Japan and

the rainy season from June until

mid-july there will be lots of rain now

some places can be beautiful in the rain

others are not when looking to visit

Japan in the summer it's crucial to come

prepared as the average temperatures are

around 32 degrees or more when walking

around a lot the burning song can leave

your skin red so make sure to use

sunscreen when looking too bad in Japan

go to the nearest drugstore and ask for

he Academy

while you're there you should also buy a

sofa cachito they are anti sweat body

wipes and will give you a very

refreshing sensation when visiting in

the summer you should go one of the many

summer festivals during this time

everyone is walking yukata while walking

around in the food stalls what's in the

fireworks and looking around so other

activities like grabbing a goldfish with

a paper if you decide to go on yukata

yourself don't forget to bring those

body wipes about earlier when looking to

cool down in the summer you can visit

one of the many beautiful beaches to

pronounce the offer already can swing

you jackie soba and have a cold beers

this specific beaches in Sulphur is a

very gorgeous place that is definitely

worth visiting the summer


in the beginning of autumn the September

has the greatest risk of typhoons in the

air which makes the weather scary and

predictable that is fine when coordinate

iPhone your umbrella won't be much of

help so I definitely recommend not

visiting Japan in September October is a

pleasant time to visit is still warm and

it's not too humid like in the summer in

November of and autumn is at its peak to

spectacular autumn colors of the maple

trees will show themselves all over

Japan I recommend checking out several

Japanese gardens or even cities to enjoy

the beautiful autumn colors


we need to in Japan is a time for

activities that you won't usually do

another season you can go to one of the

many ski resorts epinasty offer for some

winter sports we can explore places that

are now covered in snow


although remember that some cities like

Utah for example only rarely has no

fault so if you're looking towards my

temples covered in snow then you

remember that luck might not be on your

side when you need for a break from the

cold weather you can consider going to

the hot spring area near independence a

time to be together as a family with

dinner and the television on it is a

time where everyone goes back to their

hometown and which is their parents so

don't expect fireworks and a big party

although you could find it in bigger

cities like Tokyo in the end there isn't

really a best time to visit Japan as it

all depends on your preferences going to

the spring for the cherry blossom bloom

the summer for the beaches and summer

festivals autumn for the red leaves and

the winter for well-deserved hot springs

and winter sports feel free to post any

question in the comment section below

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