Summer in Dubai - Travel Advice for Visiting Dubai in Summer

so I've gotten to buy for a couple of

years and probably one of the most

common questions I get asked is what is

the weather like people think that the

buy is so hot

boy you're on but an actual fact for

seven months of the year the temperature

is very pleasant another question that I

get asked a lot is what is the heat like

of a summer and how do you manage it so

what I always say to be bars that even

though it does get quite hot during

summoned by the city is really adapted

to it just how Europe would be during

winter so everywhere is pretty much

air-conditioned so you can still go

about your day to day life as normal

being on the coastline there's a ton of

water sports of Dubai

most of these water sports carry on

throughout summer and it's a great way

to experience being outdoors and the

cosine of the by one thing that I was

surprised to learn is that the desert

can actually be cooler than this

there's not a lot of moisture inside so

just before sunset the temperature goes

up quite rapidly in the desert they

can't be between 7 to 10 degrees cooler

than 13 during the day in the city the

heat gets trapped in the cement

buildings in the road and is obviously

also a lot of people and traffic so it

gives a lot of parts of

one of the best ways to experience the

desert as a tourist is to go on a desert

safari these plenty of desert safari

companies in Dubai but make sure that

you check out what you're getting before

you pick one so not only do you get to

experience the desert but you also get

to learn a lot about the nature

conservation and the culture at the mine

so if you are out and about in Dubai

during some time I definitely recommend

taking a water bottle with you to stay

hydrated make sure to take some glasses

of course a hat is recommended and

sunscreen so I hope this video has given

you a little bit more information as to

what to buy is like during summer if you

are planning to visit during this time I

so recommend coming for more tips about

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