Summer in America


and I'll break your leg and I'm 40 on

some more like a catch to this rip this

before you mister if you're focused on

she give they came but you should pick

then I'll be square real palm Decepticon

plant through on to help on the rhythm

and like going to rhyme on the path the

blue when I'm known for good times like

JJ walk I'm to get T I get to beat the

street I then fight him all my people

equally cool see powder but disco just

run a New York girl Frisco


hot summer in America somewhere in

America it's One for the Money two for

the time cold y'all the king of the

street just check your check it out move

with your feet while we flip on the

ladies that looks like the ten cuz we

are prostitutes infected your doctor

might detect it with light them bugs and

you need drugs or you will not erect it

know what you hear is not a tensor just

recap playing along and with style and

flair and savoir faire we're gonna do

what the ladies like now I am mr. rock

and I attack I use black car and when I

unzip and pull on my dick a pussy is

gonna have to say stop did you ever

speak to your girlfriend's Momma's House

good the moms is looking good then you

slide off the panties and lick going to

Fanny but the pussy tastes like wood so

yeah go find the daughter she definitely

paint the whack

she got a pink ball and the g-string and

the seat threw in the bag

and miss the blue make summertime real

fun so just stop and show your love for

the somewhere in America it's One for

the Money two for the time