KIDS STRAWBERRY PICKING CHALLENGE! Fields of Fun w FUNnel Family + Play Time! Family Vlog


what you're a don't do the head look now

he's kicking fake goes hey shun shun you

strawberry picking yeah I think he likes

the arrow he's shopping picking what are

you doing you're eating them is that

what you're looking here all right we

got a strawberry picking challenge Shawn

are you ready say on your mark get set

wait didn't say go I didn't tell you

guys the rules here's the rules you guys

have to pick one strawberry each the

first one that comes back here it's

technically the winner but we and they

have to judge your strawberry to see who

has the best strawberry you can beat

somebody and you can be judged on which

one's the best but it has to be red it

can't be green you ready on your mark

get set go huh let's see what Jace got


top Mike's coming back next Mike didn't

follow the rule so he's disqualified did

you fit for what change is the only one

that follows chase came back with this


so chase one first his time was I don't

know how your tone and now who isn't it

Mike was second

let's see Mike strawberry okay now let's

see Lexie strawberry all right Sean Sean

look we have chase Mike's Lexie Sean who


Sean you're like the least interested

judge ever what's so important about


okay which one wins Sean with strawberry

wins what do you think Lexie one hers is

the darkness gonna get and I just mean

to taste and then chase one cuz he was

the fastest Sean's changing his answer

what's that shine oh he said no way that

sounded like yours change shall let let

lets just make sure it John which one do

you choose again Oh Jeff is Mike our

sunshine chose Mike I shine now which



all right on your marks get set go


only one strawberry this time Mike comes

back first


Lexie second throw an election come on -

come on know what let's see what he gets

all right let's see all right we got

Michael's they're Lexi's then chases all

right Shawn wins shot hey shun Chen who

wins wins well we know shots not

allergic to strawberries

so who won guys I forgot to tell you

guys this was whoever picks the greenest

wins all right watch this last round

final round you listen to the rules

whoever comes back with the smallest

green or red strawberry wins go here's

kind of looks like you know okay I was

gonna say it but but okay I think Mike

won what he's kind of cheated no one won

son Michonne said that strawberry was

very butterfl beautiful.we it is it's

golden legs I get it seriously though


let's see if Lexi picked a good one what

do you guys think

oh hello here Mike and how many do we

have in there oh okay

we need some more Shawn find it

hey shun did the B hey Shawn find a good

strawberry look now he's kicking fake

goes go let's go go oh let's see

Lexi seems to be the only one getting

good shrubs here come on shun which one

you gonna pick that one yeah Shawn likes

it sure Shawn is that one good


it's squishy hi bubbles that was a huge

bubble I think Sean can taste the

shovers right great that looks good

right there so long go get it whoo I got

a marker on your hand you oh that's

right you got marker can you show them

why you have marker on your hand when we

get home oh yeah yeah don't tell them

it's a secret

Mike tell them the secret about finding

good strawberries secret finding good

strawberries it's going underneath

hidden ones that's where all the red

ones are at the best picker nine noses

that's me



yes everyone who watches MCTV knows on

the best nose picture perfect this one

that's actually not that bad not that

bad it's like perfection okay so hurry

all right but like look at this if you

look here you would think ah there's no

good strawberries but somehow it works

are usually under that yeah already this

there's a double one yeah strawberry

butt cheeks hmm

so that's the secret right you have to

look in the shaded areas oh here I got

good one so I'm put this in the basket

put in the basket see I gotta do like

skin oh that one has a long alfalfa hair

oh let's see how much we got so far what

are we making

sorry pinkie that sounds good shine you

got a little diaper bulge right there I

think it needs to be changed

Lexi is rocking the latest fashion no


didn't you read the sign back there yes

I did okay what did you say I'm just

behaving you're all dis behaving the

rules yes we are like that kid what's on

your neck sorry you sneaking a

strawberry you gotta pay for that


Shaunie's he's like getting that back

Sean got caught stealing a strawberry

you gotta put it in the basket son



you gotta watch it where ooh oh wait


this one needs a haircut whoa Lex is the

hairdresser so what are you so happy


gotta be mu around here I got this yeah

that one no that one's no good

ah it was all bad inside it's so cool

and you rub those two char berries

together it creates this ascent sorry I

had a hiccup we're trying to find some

more because mommy and Shawn went to the

car to change his pen change his diaper

or to change his diaper well I thought

cuz the lego guy he popped up and was

like where's his pants over there yeah

that one too you're like a weird

strawberry bird hey chase is this a

flower or a strawberry nope yeah no see

the flowers they turn into strawberries

isn't it cool

these flowers they turn into

strawberries and then shall we grow yeah

that's what happens look see this is a

flower is she underneath it yeah there's

she underneath there it's the same out

pops a strawberry when the flower dies

is gross yeah you can't eat the green

ones yeah the green ones turn red you

guys didn't know this see that flower

it's the same thing the white part goes

away and the fuzzy part turns into a

strawberry so let's try that

taste this see if it tastes like a

strawberry that one does a good taste to

see if it tastes like a strawberry Mike

did you know that you knew that flowers

were strawberries right I found a bug in

this one what kind of bug is that that's

a lady huh is it look teeth ladybug if I

had to guess where Michael's lungs were

I'd say they're right about there

breathe take a deep breath in oh oh I

was exhaling with this strawberry to

felt mm-hmm Hey wagon raffle ride


I like the movie he liked so moving to



I like to move it move it he likes to

move looking Giuliani


Chun Seiko shall look they got



under the sea under the sea is where we

be Julie under the sea Sean is truly

easily so bubbly we're having a funnel

day a funnel cake day right no ice cream

we're funnel vision we have to have

funnel cakes there's no such thing as

funnel cream


this is fresh-cut strawberries from here

you look so aggravated mommy it smells

like food Oh awesome seeing a baby on

the table

and you what I tasted poop in my mouth

okay I'm gonna have a second to taste it

when when we go home we're gonna make a

our own version of something special

yeah my bike I'm gonna go where's that

chases thumbs up where is it


is it good you're gonna go up you need







mic and like I didn't see you guys up



what you're a go do that it's not a

waterslide you all right no I'm not you

like I think I'd you talking about Oh

tetherball this takes all of them no you

say hi

hey hi yeah I'm Leslie Lex your pleasure

you can play women record everybody

sometimes ahead


I'm recording this



go guys



go mike go mike Lexie's gonna battle one

of our viewers bhai bhai on your mark

get set go oh good try guys yeah okay

watch the race chase go chase go

gimme help yeah okay come on quick quick

quick Oh got a winner

good job good job

wait wait wait someone's still here Mike

that's cheating you're cheating oh he

won haha

you're lost no he won he won ah you got

beat by a viewer

I'll chase right here

beautiful day shine lip start can walk

now any gun really told you he's a giant

how do you grow

hey hey where'd you go


have a funneled a mini Mao Zedong music

the queens of boom gotta put it in the

please to do what to do to them put it

in the freezer shake shake your pants if

you don't have answer shake shake that

belly to make the earthquake bah bah bah

bah bah bah