hello everyone and welcome to today's

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sort of spring hall week so there's

going to be about four or five

different videos this week obviously

we've got today's video which is a


zara haul i have a spring dresses haul

coming up

a h m hall an asos hall and i think i'm

gonna do

a dad sandal kind of chanel jeep style

video as well so definitely make sure

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for this week can be lots of videos here

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channel but i thought you know i'm going

to kick off

with the haul of all halls and it's

going to be zara because i know you guys


love my zara hall if you missed my

previous spring zara haul i will link it

somewhere on

the screen here for you honestly i think

i have to make the decision to delete

the zara app

it's killing me i mean i've got enough

really cute pieces to see me through

to summer now that i don't need anything

else but yeah

they are absolutely smashing it

at the moment like always everything

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this dress that i am wearing today which

is from asos

is absolutely gorgeous i really hope

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the first thing i wanted to show you is

i mean

look how cute this is i'm not actually

sure if this is meant to be a code

because they're different colors of red

which is a little bit of a shade but


i love it so much it doesn't really

bother me so this is

the scorch this one was 27.99 i've got

it in a size small

i really like that it's a score because

you know sometimes you get those summer

breezy days

and gusts of wind and literally everyone

behind you can see your bum

and yeah going up the escalator on the

tube there's been many a times when a

gust of wind

has gone up my skirt and i've had a bit

of a marilyn moment i really like that

these are shorts they sit quite

high-waisted on me

got a little bit of room on the waist

like kind of like that i can move it

around but it just makes it really

comfortable it means i can eat in it i

can drink in it

um because the only time i feel that my

stomach is flat is

when i wake up in the morning and then

as soon as i start having some food and


you know like all of us you need a bit

of a space

in your in your skirt or your trousers

or whatever

so this is the top look how cute look at

the free detail

it has this like shared elastic detail

on the back

as you'll see from the cutaway together

this is such

a vibe i feel like i am just picnic

ready give me my pikmi basket give me my

picnic bag

ready to go on a picnic i love this


like i said do bear in mind that they

are i don't know if the camera's picking

that up they are

differing shades of red but to me i love

it so much it doesn't really bother me

i mean you know me i am obsessed with

colors and yeah this was no exception

so the top i also got in a size small

and that one was

19.99 the next thing i picked up was


cropped white shirt it's got this tie

detail as well so you tie it around

like here which actually seems to be a

key trend for

this season so i picked this up because

i thought it would be

such a staple for me it's got long

sleeves and obviously it's cuffed

like a normal shirt i really really like

this plunging neckline here

i thought this is going to look really

really nice with high-waisted jeans you

can pair it with skirts and i feel like

because it has a nice neckline

it's definitely one that you could take

to night time as well make it a little

bit more

dressy later with like lots of gold

jewelry but i actually

thought that this would look really nice

paired with this

gingham school like that i think that's

a really really cute outfit and


is not as revealing as the little crop

top so if you're feeling

like you love the little gingham color

but you're worried it's going to be a

little bit revealing

this could be a good option for you or

you could even layer just

a blazer over the top of that i think

could look really really cute this one

was 25.99 pick this one up in a size

small so it is a little bit big on the

top but it definitely leaves room for me

to wear a

padded bra if i want to the next few

things i picked up were actually staples

zara do these so so well because of the

price point i think these were

6.99 each they just tend to stock up

again each

season so it's this cute little bralette

it's really stretchy take it off the

hanger just to show you it's really nice

stretchy material as you can see so i

got them

in three colors this gorgeous rose pink

i got a white one because basic and

this really nice like sagey green gray


so yeah they were 6.99 i know i'm going

to absolutely

live in these last season i have the ti

it's like the racer tank the crop one

i bought it in every color and yeah i i

lived in them so much

i wash them so much that i'm just gonna

have to get rid of them and these will

be the replacements and just look how


that color palette is i absolutely love

it next thing i wanted to show you was

this gorgeous top

i love the color of this i love

the sleeves they're very poofy and

exaggerated that's what i've noticed

with spring to be honest last year as

well spring and summer

the big sleeves were very very in i know

they're not for everybody i love the


of this you'll probably see better from

the cutaway but it's an open back

that crisscrosses and then you tie it so

it feels

like a linen material sort of um

maybe a little bit thicker it's really

really soft it's got these elasticated

sleeve details here i'm just here for

the back but i really really like the


neckline on the front i always find that

so so flattering especially when you've

got some gold jewelry

this one i picked up in a size small i

would say definitely

fits me perfectly i'm a standard size

eight usually

and this one was 25.99 so i think this


with a matching green skirt which was

like a crossover style

and how to tie knot detail and you know


i love cold wars but i did feel it was a

little bit too much because of the green

i didn't want to look like a real life

kind of walking kermit the frog so i

think this will look really

nice paired with high-waisted nude


or even denim white jeans something like

that a cute little white skirt

um yeah i just love this i think it's

super super cute and i'm here for

anything with like an open tie back

detail i think you guys are gonna

love this this is your classic

lbd everyone needs one what i really

liked about this was the kind of

racer neckline and also

you'll see better from the cutaway it's

got an open back

like that and this really cute little

bow here

it's really really sweet i feel for me

this looks

amazing on it's definitely one i'm gonna

have in my wardrobe and when i'm not

sure what to wear

you can always rely on a black dress to

make you feel good and this one

is a really nice length on me so i'm

around five seven five eight for

reference and it just fits really really


um and this one i got in a size small it

was 27.99 which i feel for what it is

is super super reasonable and i think

you guys are all gonna love this

definitely can't wait for june 21st when

i can put this on with a pair of heels


just go through a bar and just feel


i've got one more piece to show you this

wasn't a giant masara hall but like i

said i've been going a bit crazy

on the tsar website recently and you can

check out my other zara hall i'll leave

it here

um which also has loads of really cute

pieces so i picked up

these little meals they are in this like

corn flower blue they are absolutely

gorgeous that is a closer look but what

i really really like about these

is the heel height they are so cute

they're so elegant these are like very

very 90s i love these kind of shoes

they're gonna be really really

comfortable but i feel like if you're

out in the day with your friends and you

know you just have those spontaneous

days where

you're out day drinking and you're like

you know what let's carry on

but you feel i don't know if you're in

trainers you might feel a little bit too

dressed down whereas if you're in these

i feel like they're a really good

in-between shoe

something you can wear in the day but

also take you really easily

to night time i think these are going to

look amazing with denim jeans they're

going to look

so cute with like denim white denim

shorts a white

dress honestly i cannot wait to wear

these and i'm so

glad that i stumbled across them because

i love them and they're super super


so i would say these are definitely true

to size as well these were 27.99 which i

feel is really really reasonable for


they are i think they might come in one

other color but i was just more drawn to

this color maybe not the most

practical but and i feel like a shoe is

a really really easy way to add a pop of

color to any outfit

so guys that is my zara haul for you i

really hope that you enjoyed

my picks also i'm gonna leave my


on the screen here for you do go and

check me out because i've actually

posted some more zara reels over there

so if you are new here

and maybe have missed my previous our

videos then head on

over there to see how i'm styling the

pieces up so

like i said i will be back for the

remainder of this week with a different

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stay tuned for my other

spring videos i really really hope that

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