When Can I Take My Puppy For A Walk?

hi guys it's Ken steep and Kahle McCann

from McCann professional dog trainers

and welcome to another episode of our

dog walking training talk we just got

finished our dog walk for today with our

border collie rad and we thought we'd

take a little break and we wanted to

talk to you today one question we often

get asked by a lot of our students is

how long should I take my puppy for a

walk how long should my walks be when

I'm training my young puppy and kalsa

we've got a pretty good idea or a pretty

great answer for that question yeah I

get a set quite a lot actually and the

answer that I usually respond with is

you shouldn't really be walking your

puppy at this point so if you have a

brand new puppy to the family it's not

always necessarily the best idea to take

them for you know a half hour or 45


there's still babies at this point still

growing we don't want to be putting like

that much impact on their bodies at this

point but more importantly when puppies

are that age our job as their handler

they're their new owner is to give them

the best experience as possible and

sometimes when they're very small they

are easily impressioned by things around

them whether it be loud noises or people

that you meet on the street or a garbage

pail blowing over or things like that

and those are good things to sort of get

your dog used to but not necessarily

while you're doing a walk you don't

actually want to be throwing a bunch of

big things at your puppy all at the same

time can be quite overwhelming

absolutely so a better thing to do is to

just sort of take them places and just

sort of hang out get them to give them

life experiences without requiring that

they sort of walk at your side and the

other thing too is it takes quite a long

time to teach your hook to walk you know

nicely at your side and sometimes it's a

good idea to start off with that type of

training nice and easy you know what we

usually do is practice up and down our

hallway we close all the doors and you

know walk up and down the hallway with a

bit of food on their nose helping them

out and then we might go around the

dining room table then we might progress

to the driveway and you know Mike we

might be out there for 20 minutes but we

don't physically necessarily go you know

really really far distance it's just a

little bit take a break a little bit

take a break until we see that the dogs

starting to to know what we want of them

you've got to keep things easy for those


yeah and you need to ensure that you're

successful before you graduate to that

next challenge or whatever it is so some

great advice from Kelly can if this is

your first time with us definitely

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from Ken steep and Kahle McCann thanks

for watching and happy trading

bye for now

who is placing the tree in the base of

your palms is where your fingers need a

hand there

cover with your thumb

and as he is sniffing and licking if

he's being gentle I'm gonna say yes