Car Lights Explained-Headlights, High Beams, Fog Lights, And More

hey everybody I'm here today to tell you

all about car lights in this video I'll

be explaining everything that there is

to know about the various lights that

you will find on the outside of your car

without further ado let's get right into

the video I'm gonna turn the camera

around and I'm gonna give you a

first-person perspective on everything

that there is to know about car lights

if you take a look at the steering wheel

here the lever to the left controls the

car lights it's very simple and

straightforward as you can see right now

it's switched to the off position so I'm

gonna be going in and out of the car to

sort of show you what it is so right now

when it's off the automatic daytime

running lights should be on on the car

now depending on where you live your car

might not have automatic daytime running

lights but this car does and they should

be on as far as I know so on this car

the automatic daytime running lights is

like this bar right here down the side

so that's one version of the light those

are gonna be on pretty much all the time

that the car is running just and that's

basically said even during the daytime

you know you have some presence on the

road with the light now the next thing

that I want to show you are the actual

corner lights so I'm gonna flip this

switch one time as you can see that

little light turned on right there with

the two lights the two sort of semi

circles pointing inwards those are gonna

be your sort of your corner lights your

amber light so there's turn signals and

they're gonna be on and as you can see

right here in this car they're right

along here so that's what this

represents that is sort of the turn

signal light that turns on the nighttime

light and nighttime amber light that

turns on when you flip that switch one

time okay moving forward I'm just gonna

keep going in and out of the car just

you guys can see what it's all about

okay moving forward we have auto next

which I'm gonna not use because

obviously it's daytime so nothing's

gonna turn on and then you have your

headlights okay now your headlights over

here along with your fog lights I can

turn the fog lights off or on that would

be off and this would be on right here

as you can see so we're gonna go and

look at the headlights and the fog

lights now your headlights are gonna be

sort of a rather bright beam that's

gonna illuminate the vast majority of

the road in front of you as you can see

right over here those are the headlights

right over there okay and your fog

lights are gonna be towards the bottom

so right here with the

headlights on that's what's gonna look

like now you'll also notice that when

the headlights are on okay and the fog

lights but when the headlights are on

this still stays illuminated which are

those Amber's in the corner and the

automatic daytime running lights in this

vehicle but depending on the car that

might be different now most cars when

your headlights are on your Amber's will

surely be on and then sometimes your

automatic daytime running lights will

also be on as well and your fog lights

are gonna be towards the bottom over

there and they're meant to illuminate

the little bit of road in front of you

in case there's fog and let's just face

it they look absolutely sweet okay now

the next thing is the high beams so

today I can flash my high beams like

that very simple as you can see right

now check this out when I turn my high

beams on you can see right there the

headlights turn off so they don't go on

together instead they turn on in

dependently just like that now if I want

to leave my high beams on I push that

forward as you can see right there the

high beams are on now the high beams are

a very unique type of light in the

headlight housing and basically what

their job is is to create extreme

brightness in front of you so as you can

see right over there the high beams are

illuminated which are right in the

middle there and they actually look a

really really really bright now

interestingly enough even though that

light turned off saying that the

headlights were off the headlights are

still on but like I said it all depends

on the actual car I believe actually

that might have been if I'd you know I

was reading through the camera maybe the

fog lights don't turn on with the high

beams which will make sense because you

wouldn't be using them together if your

high beams are on and your fog lights

are gonna be off let's just see before I

actually give you guys a final answer

yes sorry about that that is actually

the light for the fog light so when I

turn the high beams on the fog lights

turn off when I turn the high beams off

just like that the fog lights turn back

on you can see it's the fog light

because if I switch it on and off like

that sorry about that and it's the exact

same symbol right there I do apologize

now last but not least it will not last

but not least put the last on the front

of it before we go to the back or the

actual turn signals now I'm just gonna

actually know what we'll put on the

hazards so that we can sort of see both

of them in action then we'll move to the

back let me take a look right here the

turn signals first and foremost this car

actually has it on the mirrors but you

can see right here on this car the turn

signals are right this ball

here but often times you'll find them in

the corner on a little amber light and

this actual illumination of the amber

stays illuminated even while the turn

signals are on now like I said this is

all for this specific car because if you

have a different car it's obviously

gonna be a little bit different but you

want the general idea of what are the

high beams what are the headlights what

are the fog lights what are the

automatic daytime running lights what

are the signals and so forth now last

but not least we're gonna move to the

back of the car and I'd lower my voice

because I don't want to disturb my

neighbors but at the back of the car

over here as you can see in the

taillight housing right here this is the

actual turn signal okay you can see it's

just an amber flashing light then

outside here we have the actual tail

light that is illuminated and then when

you actually push the brake what's gonna

happen is that's gonna illuminate even

brighter part of that okay and then

inside right here this little of what it

would be a clear light like a white

light that's gonna be for the reverse

light so basically when you turn on your

headlights and your interior lights and

so forth right when you've turned that

switch all the way you're going to

illuminate the taillights which means

that you're gonna be ready for driving

at night because that means that people

are gonna be able to see you when you're

in front of them so that's basically it

I mean that's the gist of car lights I

went over the headlights the taillights

the high beams the signals in the front

and the back the fog lights automatic

daytime running lights reverse lights I

pretty much tried to go for everything

show you what to do in the car to make

them activate it and then what they look

like outside of the car now like I said

every car is gonna be different okay and

modern cars have way more variation than

older cars older cars seem to have a

sort of like a standard for lighting but

with modern cars you know you have

different LED bars you have different

things that happen when you turn this

light on and that light on so it's gonna

be different but I just wanted you to

get the general idea about all of the

lights that you might find on your car

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