When can I turn my sprinklers on?

hey everybody its Ryan with integrated

lawn care I just wanted to take a couple

seconds here and answer that age-old

question should can I turn my sprinkler

system on yet so second week of April

yes you can turn your sprinkler system

on some things that you need to be aware

of cold nights the system just needs to

be drained quickly so you go in your

basement and crawlspace

wherever your turn off is shut it off

open your drain go outside open those to

test ports or the test ports on your

back flow and then open the drain in

your sprinkler box that's it nothing

underground is gonna freeze at this

point that's all saved so we don't need

to winterize the systems you can run the

system for you know a Saturday or a

Sunday and then turn it back off and

drain it and you'll be fine

the worst thing that we worry about

right now is just a couple little

plastic pieces inside the back flow but

if it's properly drained and prediction

of you know freezing temperatures

sustained freezing temperatures you'll

be just fine by gravity draining the

system so I'm going to attach a couple

of links to our videos on how to turn

the sprinkler system on and then how to

drain it as always give us a call or

shoot us an email or a text if you have

any questions hope they have a great day