How to Turn a Car Seat Around in your Van

I have another one - yeah did you bring

the stuff for the install or install it

it's arriving at Jamie's smell on I

think Friday so that's gonna determine

when it gets done - so maybe just

arriving Friday yeah that's a good thing

as much information as we can get on the

board to be able to schedule these jobs

the better yeah


what a essentials in creating the most

space possible in a vehicle like this if

you're going to live and travel out of

your van or similar vehicle is turning

the passenger seat around by doing so

you not only create a chair for you to

sit in and work in an open space but

also you open up the overall area in the

van the body of the van to live in and

that's what we're going to do now in

Jacqueline's case we're just going to

switch the chair around on the same

mounting bolts that it came with ideally

you can get a chair swivel and you can

both buy those at specialty van websites

but also northern tool they can range

anywhere from a hundred and fifty to

hundred dollars and more for a good

heavy-duty DOD approved chair swivel but

Northern Tool has them for about seventy

nine dollars so I would recommend going

there first and saving yourself some

money so let's go ahead and and go

through the basics of turning this chair

around for Jacqueline

okay you can see what this chair turned

around forward the way it was originally

designed it poses almost as a sheer wall

blocking off a lot of the front space

that she's not able to take advantage of

when she's in the body of her van so

let's go ahead and flip it around and

change that for

Letta we get a deal here we've got a

bolt there I don't know if I'm going to

need something on the other side of it

it looks like about a 15 millimeter okay

so it's a 15 millimeter socket and this

is set for a half inch drive I'm going

to drop it down to a 3/8 inch drive the

reason that this socket is black is

because the color denotes that it's for

impact so this is actually an impact set

and I have an impact wrench so I got uh

specifically for that but it just means

it's a little bit harder steel and you

can't go wrong having a little bit

harder steel this is a Tecton brand and

I've been using it now for about three

years and I really like it so we want to

make sure we're in Reverse before we


and we were not in Reverse let's do this

slide the chair all the way forward and

give ourselves some room night and day

difference right there we're going to

find Jacqueline's old lipstick she's

been looking for sometimes you'll have

to use a backup wrench on the other end

but in this case they engineered in such

a way that we don't have to worry about

that so that's nice this looks like a

bump a bumper so you can't slide the

chair all the way off alright so I'm

going to slide it to the back and get

the front ones so we're going to take

the front ones off with a hand wrench

this is called a combination wrench it's

called the combination wrench because

it's got both an open end and this is

called the Box end even though it's

round and so we're going to just use a

15 millimeter combo wrench to spin these

front ones off takes a little bit longer

but it's going to be okay

one to go there's more to it

and it's not going to match up when we

flip it around so we'll just go with the

four up when we put it back on if we do

this right she'll be able to still use

the seat the way it was intended with

all the sliding features fine

seat that was it well we got it out

we'll give it a little dust off now

normally if we had our chairs to level

we would be putting the chairs level in

between and if since there's wires

attached to it we want to make sure we

swivel it the same way instead of just

going in circles if there's wires but in

this case we don't worry about that huh

all right so we need to just take this

one pull off

we want to be careful that we don't

modify this chair too much if it's going

to be used by passenger because it does

need to be you know dot approved but any

chair that I've ever swapped out it's

only had for grade 8 bolts and this

one's got 5 so I don't have a problem

taking out this middle one so that's

what we're going to do

with the garden where we wanted

we want to be careful where the sparks

are going because if I just lay that

thing on there and all the sparks are

flying in our - it'll melt a part of

that dashboard this gets really hot so

just be careful of that and when the

piece falls to the ground don't pick it

up it's going to be really hot the main

thing that we want to pay attention to

is that our tracks are even right here

because when you take the seat off the

tracks one could be forward and one

could be back and that's just going to

limit the amount of room it'll slide so

we just want to make sure that these

these slides are in the same position

and it looks like they are it's a good

idea to start all the nuts before we

tighten any of them just to make sure

we're good in case we have to shift it a

little bit

okay rich what about like registration

like when she goes to register it will

they have issues with that as a safety


that's a good question I've never had to

register my vehicle or inspect it since

I bought it yeah and so look at all that

kind of things if that is the case then

what we've done today is buy her some

time to get that swivel and she just

goes to Northern Tool gets the swivel

has it installed and by the time she has

her inspection she'll be able to turn

that chair around into the right

position for the inspection okay so she

now has a seat and so now you can see

how just by turning this chair around

she doesn't lose her her visibility in

the passenger mirror and it really opens

up a lot of space for her and offers her

the use of a professionally made chair

rather than one that we're gonna we

would cut up normally with plywood and

get some upholstery from an upholstery

place she's got the perfect chair and a

lot more space so hopefully that helped

you thanks for watching get dirty get

dirty that's it