How Safe is China Really???

hi guys welcome back to my channel what

do they top most questions I get asked

as a traveler is is it safe to travel

alone and more importantly is it safe to

travel alone as a female as a woman but

let's be honest here I'm in China the

bigger question is is China safe and

more specifically is it safe to travel

alone in China as a woman I could bore

you with a million stats and examples

defending or supporting this question or

I could just show you and let you decide

for yourself in order to do this I took

a trip to a city in China alone just me

myself and I stay I'm headed to nan

Jiang which is the capital of Jiangsu

located in East China not too far away

from Shanghai I'm at Shenzhen Airport

right now I'm getting really excited

because it served as capital of numerous

Chinese dynasties during ancient Chinese

history so it's going to be full of

Heritage Sites and rich in culture lots

of things that I love to see just got my

coffee so I'm about to head over and

start boarding and let's get this blog

started after hours and hours on my

flight and finally getting to my hotel I

finally reached it to nan Kings


first stop with ganya on street in

prison meow which is a popular tourist

destination surrounding the confucius

temple and next to the quinoa river i

chose this area for well food because i

was really hungry and because i knew it

was a popular tourist destination

meaning lots of people now to be honest

it is a bit of a tourist trap because

it's so commercialized but it does have

a lot of sites that played an important

part in chinese culture in history

anyways I was hungry so that's what I

did first is I went to this random

restaurant that I wasn't really sure

what was going on at first to be honest

I didn't really know how to order but it

was a bunch of kind of pre-made food and

you just kind of point to what you want

and I ended up getting some noodles

which to my surprise were actually cold

and then I tried this thing I don't know

what was it tastes like an onion ring

without the onion and replace for shrimp

I just started walking around the area

it's really a bumping street especially

at night I finally tried this famous

Chinese fruit candy that I've always

wanted to try it's candied Hawthorn or

ha berry I've never even honestly heard

of this fruit or tried it this is kind

of like like a peach kind of plum put

together Wow with the crunch aniseed

highly recommend if you're in China to

try those they were so good end up

becoming the night and honestly I never

felt nervous walking around this area

you know I'm here by myself there's tons

of people even one guy asked me to take

a picture with him which I was super

stoked because for some reason I'm like

the only expat that no one ever wants to

take a picture with me I mean I'm just

not the Chinese type I don't know it was

actually funny as he is trying to take a

picture of me there's an old woman

begging me for money which it didn't you

know frighten me in any way I was just

kind of like lady trying to take a

picture with this guy and she just kept

asking me for money I didn't have money

so I did the rational thing in my head I

was tried to give her my candied fruit

stick what she was not about awesome I

did something really crazy I decided hey

I'm here by myself and I do this kind of

thing in all my videos where's poppy can

you spot me where I have someone hold a

camera and I run and I jump around

people and see if you can find me it's

kind of a little game that I started

doing with my video as well I wanted to

try it but I'm by myself so no one can

hold the camera so I just hope thing

insane and I left my camera by a tree

and I walked away from it to go film I

where's poppy and you'll see it's kind

of bad because I'm super paranoid that

my cameras went over here and I'm way

over here and I just left it there so we

could just easily just grab it and take

it but they didn't and I filmed my

where's poppy scene and it was funny no

one went near it no one touched it and

I'm gonna say that's happened quite a

lot just in China I've left things my

phone or whatever and no one ever

touches it my boyfriend left his credit

card or his debit card in the ATM

machine out of bank not even his bank

and he got it back I don't know people

just don't steal things here that is

something I've learned you know they say

that there

cameras everywhere in China and honestly

there are and I actually kind of like

that because if you get hit by a car if

you get any sort of trouble

there's a camera proof giving you

evidence that you got robbed or you got

into trouble

the next day it was a bit colder so I

figured perfect opportunity to head to

the Tom Shean Hot Springs which is

located outside the city of Nanjing now

that meant taking a series of metros and

buses to actually get there which in all

honesty I was a bit nervous about that

for two reasons

one I'm awful at directions I don't know

how it's been a year and a half of

traveling and I'm still directionally

challenged but I haven't proved it's

just still not like a normal person and

second reason is it is difficult to get

around in China if your level of Chinese

is not very good it's just gonna be a

bit of a struggle but there are apps and

different websites you can use to try to

get around and obviously use them but

the problem is they're never updated or

you can't always count on them to be

updated the website that I'm trying to

find where the hot spring gave me the

wrong address and that's the fault of

you know there not being enough Xbox

here especially if you're in a place

like nan Jiang there are no tourists

it's not like a popular city like

Shanghai or Beijing like no one really

goes here so there's not gonna be anyone

really updating those Maps so I was

nervous about that because well this is

even where the hot springs is I'm going

outside of the city that's pretty

nerve-wracking especially by yourself

but thankfully I did find my way I just

got off the bus and now I'm walking

along a road where there's not really

any cars or anything around it's kind of

odd I don't think I'm lost though I

think I'm on the right path but

definitely a little weird just a word of

advice while traveling you can look up

maps and find directions for pretty much

everything but you always do need to

keep a weary eye about where you're

going because I followed my maps exactly

and it told me to get off at one stop

and I jumped off three stops earlier

because I saw signs going to my

destination and it wasn't in the

direction my map said so just a quick

tip when you're traveling keep that in

mind always have your eyes open

be looking where you're going

she bore laughing I eventually did make

it I saw the building but still was not

convinced because I walked into this

building and I swear to God I think I

scared the crap out of everybody in

there it was like they'd never seen an

expat or a foreigner in their life like

I walked in and I was like I'm here to

see the hot springs and they're all like

eventually we got to the point of hey

I'm here to see the hot springs and they

let me in and this lady kind of takes me

into the dressing room she sees me

holding my camera and immediately is

like no no boo hell no camera no video

not allowed there's been a little bit of

a change of plans

apparently you're not allowed to take

video or photo here so this lovely lady

is going to she said that I can film if

she comes with me to every single pool

which she is going to actually film me

so this actually works what's your name

once she rules out in English I have no

English no English name okay yeah hey

hey so she's gonna film me going into

these hot springs how many hot springs

over he said more than forty more than

forty hot springs so yeah okay


at this place it's an outdoor area super

cool surrounded by mountains really

beautiful but she had to come with me to

every hot spring I went to and she made

sure I went to every single one she was

super nice about it and it was kind of

nice you know I am there alone to have

some sort of social aspects anyways

these hot springs were awesome each pool

has a different theme

so what crystal is telling me is that a

lot of the pools in this area are flower

Hot Springs and so they sent them with

different flowers and then they bring

you flowers tea and it's supposed to

kind of enhance your beauty so get you

smelling a lot like flowers and then I

think the water in general is really

good for your skin

so it's just to make you I guess Natacha

Chinese medicine for this here is a

Chinese medicine pool it has a lot of

previous Chinese medicine ingredients in

it and you can smell it strong scent as

you walk in it's very good for your body

so enjoy the pool and feel its effects

be good for your house be good for your

house Chinese nice okay sure


right now I'm in the what's called the

Roman slate bath and it's got those

biting fish that kind of nibble at your

feet not a huge fan of them but I'm

going to go inside and then afterwards

you can come behind me and take a nap

so inside these where you lay down was

heated so it's super nice and then they

give you these peanuts and I'm sharing



now I'm in front of an aromatherapy sand

bath so it's a traditional way to you go

inside and then you cover yourself in

the sand and lay there you have to pay

extra for it so I'm not going to do it

because I don't necessarily understand

why you would do that they also have

this lounge where you can go get some

complimentary snacks that was an

experience on its own because they make

you change into these outfits which are

pretty fashionable


it was really nice although you know

being there with crystal I really like

crystal but this was really weird

because she's telling me you know relax

like eat your food drink your tea like

just relax how do I relax with you just

staring at me now I spent quite a lot of

time at these hot springs a lot longer

than I actually expected I thought cuz

I'm going with myself I'll probably be

there for an hour or two and dip out but

I was actually there for like five hours

so I was there for such a long time that

I ended up leaving at night which is

what I didn't want to do because I was

by myself and I was outside of the city

so I knew that you know getting back

would be a different experience I'm

heading to the bus stop first thing my

mind is okay I don't have change for the

bus I only have a hundred quai and you

don't always get changed actually

normally you don't get changed on the

bus I asked the lady at the bus stop if

I could send her money be a WeChat and

then she paid for my bus ticket and she

said no but this is where the incredible

experience happened she said no I will

pay for your ticket and I thought no no

no and she just insisted and she paid

for my bus ticket but that doesn't stop

here she paid for my bus ticket and then

was so concerned because I'm a female

and I'm alone in the city they also say

I'm not from China that she actually

came with me to end where I got off the

bus got off the bus with me went to the

metro with me helped me buy a ticket I

didn't need help but whatever helped me

buy a ticket got on my metro and

actually took me all the way to my metro

stop where my hotel was and then let me


that's how can

turned and how thoughtful she was that

she wanted to make sure I was safe and I

got back to my hotel and she literally

walked me back essentially like I don't

I've no idea where she lives

I don't know where she was going it

wasn't where I was going and yet she

felt that she needed to help me get

there which was an amazing experience

that doesn't happen every day and I'm

not saying if you come to China that's

gonna happen but it just goes to show

like people you know they want to help

you and yes they might be a little bit

scared of you sometimes because you're

an expat and there's not a lot of us

here and they do feel intimidated

sometimes but they still like there are

good people and people will help you hey

guys say thank you to crystal thank you

welcome me around this place it's

beautiful you should keep that name by

the way

you should keep the English named

Crystal Mile Creek I know cuz your name

is crystal now okay so yeah this has

been a great experience Crystal's been

awesome these pools are great I

definitely recommend coming here if you

want to have a traditional spa day it's

relatively cheap and it's just there's

so much it's just so relaxing really

comfortable yeah so there you have it I

flew across China by myself walked

around the city during the day and the

night took a trip outside of the city by

myself and back left my camera in a

crowded area and never once did I feel

in danger is trying to say you tell me


and that's the tea is that the teeth I

don't think so