Is Zofran safe to take during pregnancy?

in the media recently there has been

information about zofran and how it

might contribute to congenital heart

defects and cleft lip and cleft palate

if taken during pregnancy so of course

this leaves mother's wondering who have

taken it during pregnancy if it's going

to increase the chances of their babies

having these complications the way the

OB community feels about it is that

zofran has been prescribed for a long

time for a lot of women and the number

of women who have been taking zofran is

not proportionate to the number of

babies who have been born with cleft

lips and cleft palates so we don't feel

that there's a strong association with

this more studies are necessary to

determine if this is indeed true but

again the numbers just kind of show us

that a lot of women who take in zofran

and only a few babies are born with

these defects if you're taking it and

concerned about whether or not you still

should be taking it talk with your OB

provider and based on their knowledge of

your circumstances they can decide if

it's okay to continue or if there's

another medication that might help you

feel better

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