Are Dog Parks a Good Idea for your Dog?

hey 20 years our dog parks a good idea

for your dog today that's what Sawyer

the four-month-old french bulldog and i

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to check it out dog parks can be great

for some dogs however you don't want to

just assume that your dog is going to do

really well at a dog park or that other

dogs are just going to love your dog

that said it doesn't mean you should

avoid them entirely for all dogs but

there are some things that you'll want

to keep in mind before regularly

committing to bringing your dog to a dog

park first don't just show up and hope

for the best

dogs are incredibly social animals and

they're very complex and we can't

possibly know how they're going to react

in every situation and socialization is

extremely important for dogs but a dog

park may not be the best place to

socialize your dog let me explain the

reason a dog park can be a stressful

place for many dogs is that very often

at the dog park lots of the dogs are

under exercise and this is the number

one cause for aggressive outbursts in my

experience it's also possible that your

dog might become nervous or anxious for

one reason or another but this doesn't

necessarily mean that they have a strong

dislike of dogs they may just feel a

little overwhelmed in a crowded dog park

as counterintuitive as it seems if you

have an energetic or a mildly anxious

dog exercise them thoroughly before

going to the dog park that's because an

exercise dog is more likely to behave

appropriately in new and stimulating

situations while it might seem natural

to take your dog to the dog park for

exercise understand that a dog's primary

exercise should be with you is the

primary person I mean dogs were

primarily created to do activities with

people and this seems to satisfy them


nothing accomplishes this better or more

efficiently than a game of fetch or a

long walk with most dogs before you even

consider frequenting a dog park you'll

want to make sure that you introduce

your pups to other dogs and more low-key

situations first see

early socialization should be done

methodically and in controlled settings

when socializing your dogs start with a

friend or neighbor's dog and always

confirm that their dog loves other dogs

before allowing the two to interact now

if you or they feel hesitant for any

reason at all just skip this particular

socialization session and save it for

another time

once you're reasonably sure that your

dog is generally good with other dogs

start small and go to the dog park

during off-peak hours try to make sure

that your dog is playing in small groups

of no more than three or four dogs at a

time and don't let your guard down it's

best to supervise and prevent

altercations before they happen if

you're uncomfortable for any reason at

all intervene and remove your dog from

the group some cities have public dog

parks and others have member dog parks

now one of the perks to a member dog

park is that they often require

vaccinations to be verified and the dogs

need to be spayed neutered which is

great because a female dog in heat at a

dog park well that can cause on lots of

issues a good alternative to dog parks

is to find a local dog group or a club

and schedule get-togethers also check

out your local community message boards

too they can be a great way to meet

other dog lovers in your community

bottom line get to know the dogs you

want your dog to play with first today

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