How To Treat A Bald-Faced Hornet Nest

hi it's Tony at animal trackers Wildlife

today I'm going to be treating a

bald-faced hornet nest it's about this

big not too big yet but we're early in

the season it's good to get this now

before it becomes this big and you've

got a really huge problem let's go have

a closer look

heading up onto the roof here get a

closer peek Adam Hornets they look

they're black with like white on the top

there they're a little bit bigger than a

yellowjacket but their sting is about as

powerful as a honeybee or yellowjacket

right around there so if you're allergic

that's a problem if not you probably be

okay to get hit a few times I'm not

gonna get too close they get pretty

aggravated you have to get within three

feet of them so we'll keep our distance

for now so you've got a Hornet nest

what's the big deal right they're way up

high typically they're not usually at

ground level maybe it'll be in a bush at

about waist high but usually elevate it

off the ground you're not gonna run over

it with a mower the only problem is I

was a 12 year old boy once and exactly

the kind of thing I would love to throw

a rock set and I did that plenty so once

you stir them up like that they tend to

chase and they'll chase you down the

block so it's a good idea to get him now

before the neighborhood kids find him

and start throwing rocks out all right

I've got my powder here it's filled with

seven herbs and spices and we're gonna

pump this powder into the nest it'll

take a little while maybe about an hour

or so to ensure that everybody who's out

foraging right now gets an opportunity

to come back and get this on them before

we'll remove the nest and be done with

it and we'll show you how that looks on

the insect

all right so you may ask what is that

made out of it looks like mud not mud

that's paper really it's wood that they

chew up and spit out and kind of create

that and and build that thing it starts

off pretty tiny like that big and as it

grows it grows exponentially about a

month from now that that thing would

probably be touching the bottom roof

there and it'll be pretty amazing and

awesome looking right now we're kind of

maybe a month in here so let's go treat

it now you can of course do this

yourself you don't need to pay someone I

would recommend a suit but you can do it

without it you just have to be very calm

you don't want to panic you know if

you're on a ladder they start hitting

you you might freak out in the hospital

bill might be a little bit more than

just paying me or somebody else to come

out and take care of it for you let me

show you how to do it

that might be the point where you start

to panic when they start pouring out of

their powder gets on them and they're

highly allergic to it it won't take too

long as they're forging come back though

they don't really recognize the powder

as being anything too harsh so they

still climb around and go into the nest

and drag it all over the place

okay it's all looking good I've got

another one of these go do across town

I'm gonna come back in about an hour

we'll see how she looks all right so

it's been about an hour we've got plenty

of these bald-faced warrants and they

are all over the place as they come out

drop down rolling down the roof

sometimes this can be dicey we're gonna

pull this open if I didn't get them all

we'll see

all right have a look

still a couple flying around here you go

I don't know if you can see that the

larva in there wiggling around so

so this isn't too terribly a huge of a

nest but this will get into layers

you'll have two or three layers pancakes

about that big and that's usually around

September when it gets pretty hairy

oh no not too bad all right well that's

it nice too taken care of job well done

nobody got stung I didn't get stung

that's for sure

you know so if you have something like

this a bald-faced hornet nest

yellowjacket even a wasp nest that's up

high where you got to use a ladder give

us a call here at animal trackers

wildlife we'd be happy to help you out

with it safely so you don't get injured

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thank you for watching have a great day