During flu season, when is it safe to take a baby to public places and family gatherings?

if you're going to be having a baby in

the middle of cold and flu season and

also the holidays you might be wondering

when it's safe to take a newborn out

into public into family gatherings this

is actually a great question for your

baby's doctor because the answer will be

different depending on the baby's

history and circumstances for example

the parents who had a baby that was born

prematurely or one that has certain

medical conditions will be given

different advice than the parents of a

full-term healthy baby would be given so

generally speaking there are a few

things to keep in mind one is that a

baby receives their first round of

vaccinations at two months of age that

doesn't mean that on the day they're

vaccinated they're protected against

those illnesses it takes time for their

body to build up immunity but after they

received their first round of shots

they're not quite as vulnerable to

certain illnesses one of the best things

you can do is avoid people you know are

sick but this is impossible to do

because a lot of illnesses are

contagious before and after the person

stops having symptoms and so it's really

hard to stay away from people who you

know are sick for this reason the most

important thing you can do to stop the

spread of illness is to wash your hands

frequently especially your own hands

before you touch your baby or any of

your baby's things and it's also good to

decontaminate frequently touched

surfaces in your home if people who have

been sick have been in your home or

other members of your family are also

sick it is possible to keep your baby

well if you or your other children or

sick good luck with everything I hope

you all stay well and if you have more

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