How To Socialize A Puppy Before Shots! When Can You Take Your Puppy In Public?

if you have a puppy your number-one job

before you catch him sit down stay his

socialization socializing your puppy

your number-one priority and the reason

for that is because you only have one

shot to do it and you can only do it

from a certain time that time is eight

weeks to about four months and here is

why an apical puppy's curiosity level is

here their fear level is here and every

day it goes like this

until their fear level is here their

curiosity level is here yeah they're

four months old now

so generally your dog only has one set

of shots all right what do we always

hear don't take your dog out till he's

had three such a shots don't take him to

puppy classes till he's had three such a

shots no socialization you sees in

danger being sick and dying here is the

reality okay your dog is more likely to

have to be euthanized due to be hitting

the real problem that stems from lack of

early socialization then he is likely to

die of getting one of those diseases as

a young puppy more dogs euthanized every

year in shelters because of behavior

problems that come from lack of early

socialization and again you only have

one chance to do this so it has to start

at eight weeks now I'm not telling you

to go take your puppy to the dog park to

go to the beach to go to you know hiking

through the forest we have safe places

we go to a mall where there's primarily

people where there's not going to be a

lot of sick dogs we invite people who

have dogs over to our house we walk

around our local neighborhood where we

know it's generally safe there's not a

lot of sick dogs I know you kind of use

your common sense here you're not going

to take your dog you're a beagle puppy

to a place that's you know has you know

wild animals sick dogs things like that

so but they had we have to get the

bathroom you have to get them out get

them exposed to the world get them used

to meeting new people and dogs and just

being used to the world socializing them

all right now eight weeks to four months

all right again it has to do with the

curiosity to fear level it gets very

difficult to socialize a fearful dog a

curious little a beagle puppy will go

running right over to anything you know

the the SHA sniffles diseases the rabies

one is the craziest you know unless your

dog is in a situation where there's a

lot of rabid animals running around he's

gonna be on supervised that a raccoon

could just come out of nowhere who got

rabies and bite him

why would you don't need a rabies shots

to go to to go to a class a

socialization class or to take your dog

to a mall in the middle of the day

there's no rabies there it's on airborne

disease you have to be bitten by a rabid

animal and the odds of that happening

are very very low so socialization has

to start at eight weeks and

socialization is exposing your puppy to

the world that's what it comes down to

that's really what it is all right

exposing them to the world now I have a

whole PDF here in the PBS section so

definitely take a look at that because I

have an entire list of everything your

puppy should be exposed to by the time

he's four months old okay so they're a

big list so do your best to get through


expose them to the world here is one

thing that I want you guys to work on

100 new people and dogs a day I'm sorry

I month new people dogs they would be

crazy you can do it go for high ten good

luck though 100 you people and dogs a

month okay this is gonna guarantee that

you're gonna have a well socialized dog

now when I say that they your puppy

needs to meet new 100 new people in dogs

doesn't mean that people have to come

over and pet them and pick them up and

you know give them an attention for half

hour you could be walking down the

street one way with your puppy opposite

side of the street that person's walking

with their dog your puppy looks over and

nothing bad happens and continue to walk

this one person one dog that's all it's

just that you're exposing them you

expose them and nothing bad happens

and that is the next part of a

socialization we want to try to keep

socialization as positive as possible

always positive okay we go slow and we

never force the dog into a situation

they're not ready for these are the

three three keys to socialization let me

give you an example of how this can work

this is real this was what happened with

my dog when he was a puppy he was about

eight weeks Timmy maybe ten weeks we

were walking down the street and

somebody was throwing away a mattress

mattress was laying down the curb they

were walking walking walking you know

they were waiting for the garbage man to

pick it up walking walking and all

sudden my dog sees it he puts the brakes

on completely stopped walking freezes

you know what did I do because I want to

keep it positive we slow down and I just

stood there

and I just waited I didn't do anything I

didn't talk to him I just waited and he

was pretty much in that frozen stance

scared for about two minutes and then

after about two minutes and he started

to get curious because he's a you know

10 week old are so puppy it was

curiosity levels here his fury levels

here and he starts to go sound

maybe smell so scary so what did he do

he's very slowly started to approach it

and he got closer and closer and again I

wasn't forcing him into the situation I

wasn't trying to make him go I was just

came down with the leash letting him to

let me him dictate the pace and pretty

soon now he's he's him to try to reach

with a Nilsen smell it and then he

smelled it and if you missed later his

little tails wagging and he was jumping

all over it battlecry wasn't a good idea

on my part but my point is very slowly

he got used to it now he had no problem

with it a few weeks later we were

walking walking by and somebody else was

trying away a mattress and he didn't

even blink twice that he'd walk right by

it like he was nothing because I went

very slow the whole experience was

positive as it could be I didn't force

him to approach will admit what made him

afraid and we just nasty when it's

curiosity level

take over and it does the work for us so

keep this in mind when you're

socializing with your puppy because

there's gonna be times where something

bad is gonna happen

or there's gonna be time where he gets

scared and how you handle that is

critical okay here's another example we

were at the dog park

we walked in within about 30 seconds my

dog got attacked dog came over bit him

and he was squealing running away with

my little 11 week old puppy and whole

Park starts freaking and people were

getting angry with me but I wasn't

freaking out but I was acting as if

nothing had just happened and I was

doing exactly what you do because when

you walked in the park

my little puppy went in and you went up

to a big talk and said hey you and the

big dog said you know I don't want to

deal with you right now

I have another video list the puppy

license by real quickly puppies from 6

months and younger older dogs will

sometimes treat it differently just

because they they know that there's

something they can tell them the dog is

younger sometimes however they don't

tolerate those puppy behavior so they

will correct them you're not gonna hurt

the dog but they'll snap with them bite

them grab them this club when I say

takei I'm using that word very loosely

we walked in the dog you know barking

and nipped at my dog I don't even know

if he made contact but he did snap my

leg was squealing raining off and I just

stood there and very slowly and very

calmly I started to approach my dog just

very slowly walking over Afghans have

nothing happened well everybody else is

freaking out and Max was looking you

know looking around like he was very

confused to what just happened just very

calmly I just talked to him call max

let's go

and I started walking and I walked right

by him I he was in from the corner I

walk to the corner make him team to walk

and I just called him come on let's go

let's keep going and he stir and then he

start to follow me and then you know I

just act like nothing has happened and

we started circling walking on the park

and within three minutes he was back to

normal as those hills going he was

having fun

same with all the dogs you know it's

very easy to have for me to have been in

the situation and the second that

happened pick him up and leave the

dollar and never go back now my dog was

traumatized no he this young little

puppy has plenty of time to get used to

these experiences because that's my wife

not not as much that we I love and love

for her everything to be a positive

experience that's not really like

there's gonna be negative things that

happen that's are better out of your

control and the way handle it is

critical so if something bad happens we

don't know our company dwell on it we

don't let him just you know think that's

that's how a dog park is we just could

we continue to go back and the next

thing we look back the next day we met

the next him about four days in a row

because I wanted to make sure that he

got over that fear that for this is a

good general rule for every negative

experience it happens in a situation try

to recreate that same situation and have

five positive experiences okay

five positive experiences to outweigh

whatever the negative experience was all

right so this is socialization okay

reminder again go to the PDF section

because I have a huge list of everything

you need your puppy to to meet to be

exposed to and you know eight weeks to

four months is is the most credible time

but social isn't socialization excuse me

it doesn't stop there socialization is

the rest of your dog's life because if

you stop exposing them to things they

very easily can just just simply lose

socialization and develop fears or

phobias of whatever it is okay so keep

that in mind even though that this is

primarily for puppies and it meets the

four months is the most critical time

socialization should continue throughout

your entire dog's life it smells

critical as it is at this time but

continue to keep it up all the way

through your dog's you know adult life

so that socialization all right super

important young puppies we expose them

to the world 100 people in dogs a month

we do it as positive as we can we go

slow no force anything negative that

happens we go back

to get it be sure to go to the PDS

section get this guy printed out even if

you want and make cross it off as you go

but now guarantee that you know you

vlookup be exposed to everything there

is in the world in Goa well socialized

dog as an adult

hi and welcome to part 1 of this

four-part video series I just wanna take

a little second here just to introduce

myself real quick I don't wanna make

this video too much about me my name is

Alex Antonia