When Can I Shower After Surgery


hi welcome to another episode of talking

with docs I'm dr. Paul salvo and I'm dr.

Brad weenie okay we had a question okay

actually I get this question almost

every day okay is when is it okay to

shower after I've had surgery so like a

hip replacement or a knee replacement or

any kind of surgery where decisions were

made yep

incisions been closed when is it safe to

have a shower after so the first thing I

say they should always discuss it with

your surgeon because I think there's

probably a wide variety of guidelines

but we're gonna give you our guidelines

for for dealing with wounds and win a

show yeah I think so

okay what do you say well in our case

people will have a shower before they

leave the hospital which is one or two

days okay

so if we've if you've had incision and

then you have some sort of impermeable

dressing on it so some sort of

waterproof dressing on it yeah then

you're okay to have a shower okay which

we use commonly here it's almost like a

sticky saran wrap

yeah and water can't get into it so the

wound is protected you have a shower and

then usually the dressing will get

changed before the person goes home yeah

and it's still the waterproof waterproof

dressing so in that setting you can have

a shower whenever because the wound is

protective yeah and then what I tell

beuliss is patted dry if the dressing

gets compromised in some way clean the

wound with alcohol approximate or

something and then put a new impermeable

dressing on right okay okay so that's

the easy answer he's got a waterproof

dressing so Jimmy crack corn yeah a

shower whatever okay what if you don't

have a waterproof dressing on or

Wednesday okay to get that wound wet

okay so if you do not have a but you're

still in the dressing on yeah you might

have a dressing on or sometimes people

take the dressing off after a few days

so the dressings off and so you had

intact staples

and it was clean and dry so as long as

there was no active drainage from the

wound I wouldn't let my patients shower

understand that I don't care if water

kind of drips past it I just don't want

to submersed in the water so I would say

you could dry it you know then the same

thing Pat it dry and then cover it as

needed but if it's if it's draining

anything sorry no shine

I give them two days I say you know if

after an incision or after the clips

come out it takes two days for that

wound to sort of epithelial eyes yeah so

it gets sort of waterproof not enough

for soaking in a tub or anything like

that but just want to run off with

seeing just Pat it dry after yeah I

agree with dr. weaning if there's any if

the wound has any signs of delayed

healing like drainage redness or

anything like that a little monkey

yeah like Soleimani then I'd be worried

I'd be worried that there's still

communication with the soft tissues

underneath so maybe hold off or put some

sort of waterproof dressing on yeah so I

agree with I agree the staple so

commonly a two weeks treaty when we see

our patients staples out a couple days

and then they can then again shower so

what do you want to come bow a bath or

hot tub okay guess I'm not so question a

lot it's really cool this is different

now before weird shattering waters it's

gonna be running down now you're soaking

in in water yeah especially hot tubs

they're not always the cleanest water in

those yes so I I don't let people soak

probably for you know I wait till the

wound is healed completely the clips are

out yes and then I'm usually about a

week after I would agree so I'm like no

scabs yeah I got cuz if some doesn't get

me cleaning drama there could be a scab

that even nags on for a couple of weeks

I'm like no scabs I want the skin to

look like I almost healed incisions yeah

so you want that thing to be healed and

look like it's there's no more incision

there yeah scabs is a good good measure

of it i hain't seen no drainage or

bleeding and swimming pool for me is the

same thing I advise people about getting

in and out of a tub in and out of a hot

tub end of the pool that introduces a

whole nother risk outside of the wounds

II just have to be careful yeah I'm

running on the pool deck obviously yeah

triple flips off the diving board no

yeah no cannonballs well yeah I mean we

recognize that water therapy is good

after stress injuries and certain types

of surgery so we do want to get you back

in the pool if that's your thing if

you're getting some sort of water

therapy that's part of your physio we

just want that wound to be sort of

closed up and healed before you submerge

it and I think just about the pool not

really relate to the wound but if you

argue Amara therapy ideally it's in a

pool that has them to have graduated


if it's for a hip replacement you don't

want to be going down that ladder I

think they don't ask a lot of a new hip

or the ocean or the or a big waves yeah

yeah all right so hopefully that gives

you an idea of how to care for that

wound and when and safe to have a shower

or have a hot tub swimming pool submerge

that kind of stuff always discuss with

your nurse or doctor and if you liked

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charge of your own health and your own

wound see you next time