How to Help Prevent Baby Monitor Hackings

the reality is nothing is hack-proof but

I want to go over some tips on how to

keep things hack resistance and in this

case we're talking about connected baby

monitors let's go as we see more people

adopting connected monitors and baby

nurseries we're also seeing an increase

in camera hackings in the news even

though they're rare it'll definitely

shake you up if it does happen to your

family so what can you need to try

preventing it first consider getting an

on connected monitor if it's not

connected to the Internet you're

drastically decreasing your risk for a

hack traditionally these monitors lack

in quality and have less features but I

think you fees one of the few out there

that's up to par now obviously you have

a limited range compared to Wi-Fi

options but from a security standpoint

these monitors are much more difficult

to exploit now if you're going with a

connected option regardless of brand

nest our lobe outlet wise whatever

they're all susceptible to hackings but

there is one thing that you can do and

it's so easy and so overlooked and

that's creating a strong unique password

for your camera

something long alphanumeric peppered

with symbols and may feel inconvenient

but it'll feel just as inconvenient for

hackers who mostly look for an easy way

in also if you do have nest take the

time to enable two-factor authentication

as it adds another layer of protection

now it's easy to blame your camera but a

lot of your focus needs to be put in

your router as well whether or not you

got it from a service provider or you

went with your own take the time to

change the default name and password of

your network again make it complex and

unique from the password of your camera

a ton of cameras get hacked simply

because these things were never

customized and it's important that you

do so also it's easy to brush off

firmware updates but keeping your router

updated will ensure that it has the

latest features improve performance and

security settings if you're unsure how

to do this I have links below to

instructions of some of the most popular

brands so go check that out next tip set

up a firewall which is a layer of

security between your home network and

the Internet most routers have one built

in that can be enabled or you can have

another device setting up that firewall

but regardless not having one leaves

your network vulnerable not just your

cameras but everything from credit card

information to browsing history

everything lastly well it doesn't

necessarily help with security cameras

getting a VPN or a virtual private

network is a helpful step in securing

your browser information by keeping you

anonymous I knew your location or even

giving you access to your home network


traveling now they're different ones out

there I like P ia but do some shopping

ultimately it'll help protect your

privacy that's all I've got for you guys

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