hi welcome to an episode of Memorial

ministers my name is dr. Michael Speier

and I am an obstetrician gynecologist

practicing giving birth to a baby is one

of nature's most amazing miracles but

every pregnancy is different and with so

much information out there whether it's

surfing the internet social media or

your part time expert next door it can

be challenging to tell the difference

between good and not-so-good advice so

today we're going to look at some of the

common myths about inducing labor

naturally which means getting the

process of childbirth started before it

happens on its own are you ready let's


can you eating spicy foods induce labor

evidence suggesting that some foods

including spicy foods and pineapple or

bananas main dish labor is purely

anecdotal once more these foods may

actually increase acid reflux which is a

common problem in the later stages of

pregnancy that you want to avoid

aggravate exercising like yoga or going

for a long walk can help induce labor

while moderate exercise throughout your

pregnancy can help your body

prepare for childhood there is no

evidence supporting that labor can

actually be reduces also labor can be

pretty exhausting and you don't want to

use up your energy what about having sex

having sex later well let me start by

clarifying the contrary to popular

belief this is not a myth it's actually

in fact it's actually safe to have sex

during pregnancy and there's good

biological and physiological evidence

the pros that engaging in sexual

intercourse can help induce labor

however there are a few instances where

this may not be advised and you should

discuss it with your physician

what about certain verbs Spoils

homeopathic products and other natural

products can nose help induce labor well

things like black cohosh red raspberry

leaves and primrose

castor oil or only some of the common

natural remedies you can find on blogs

and forms around the injury the natural

doesn't always mean healthy and safe or

free of unwanted side-effects so to be

on the safe side it's best to avoid

ingesting or applying anything that

wasn't prescribed by your health care

provider before discussing and finally

what about hypnosis can you use hypnosis

to start labor some people claim that

hypnosis self hypnosis were visualizing

the labor process can work through

wonders but when it comes to scientific

proof the only true benefit seems to be

the deep relaxation associated with

these practices that can help to relieve

some of the discomfort attainment later

the bottom line is there is no reliable

and 100% safe method for jump-starting

your labor naturally if you do choose to

attempt any of these or other methods

make sure you speak with your doctor or

Midwife first to assess the associated

risks and benefits or just let nature

take its course and allow your bundle of

joy to set their own work that's it for

this episode of Memorial to learn more

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