Is It Okay To Spay Your Dog While She's In Heat?

why from television Hill in Baltimore

WBAL TV 11 News continues welcome back

and joining us now to answer your pet

questions is bonnie hammond and our

special guests here well this is

actually a trick this is honey in a

miniature horse and brought honey back

because it's Easter and and actually I

I'm working for the Easter Bunny today

you know it's been a rough environment

economically and veterinarians have to

get I can tell it's been rough it's a

it's kind of a it's kind of a role

reversal I think you need a vacation

throw reversal I am now the bunny being

treated by the best all right

let's answer a few questions yeah we can

talk about big all right yeah my pit

bull well they can be big yeah is

diagnosed with melanoma sad situation

but I had lesions removed in the fall

now we see more lesions appearing what

is the recommended course of treatment

you know don't like you you know you're

visually seeing these little black spots

I'm assuming but I'm saying that they're

seeing these lesions don't take for

granted that they're benign go back to

your veterinary and get them cut off get

them biopsied a melanoma is an

incredibly serious cancer and you have

to make the decision on the treatment

course based on the biopsy so I would

run not walk back to your veterinary and

get it taken care of

don't waste time don't waste time Monday

I'd be there Monday okay yeah good

advice yep

can I have my dog spayed while she's in

heat yeah absolutely you know and and

you know we in the olden days we used to

say that we're gonna wait till they're

out of heat because that it's just more

vascular it's just you know when they're

in heat things are engorged but that's

not a problem with today's techniques in

surgery it's not a problem at all it is

a slightly bit more complicated but it's

relatively insignificant so yes you can

do it all right I'm uninformed in this

thing how long is a dog in heat that

wouldn't just wait well it can be weeks

it can be three weeks and then there's

sort of the after effect you know things

just not like a light switch they don't

just turn off this is a trick are you

doing this this is yeah this is just a

trick honey we don't have a shiny yeah I


go home with your lap honey it's lifting

yeah and that's gonna be fun

bunny and bunny bunny yes honey bunny