Can my baby sleep in my bed with me? -Dr. Paul-

welcoming to our fur

session of ask your pediatrician I'm

gonna address a question today that I

get quite a lot and that is is it okay

for my baby to sleep in my bed with me

what you really need to know about sleep

safety is what we're trying to prevent

basically is SIDS sudden infant death

syndrome this is a tragic situation

where otherwise healthy child dies in

their sleep this is something a new

parent obviously you want to avoid we've

had a huge decrease in since an infant

death syndrome by having the having

babies sleep on their backs or back to

sleep program that's been instituted in

this country over the last couple

decades however in addition to having

your baby sleep on their back it's very

important that they be on a firm surface

so I think the issue isn't so much can

they be in bed with you but can you make

your bed safe couple things are

necessary for this you need a firm

surface they now sell I know Coast

sleepers that are fit right in your bed

so that the your baby has their own

space within your bed on a firm surface

and that's totally fine they also have

co sleepers little bassinets if you will

that saddle up next to the bed so it's

just as if your baby is with you but

they're actually right beside you and

not in bed with you the advantage of

that is I don't know if some of you are

deep sleepers I was that way and so when

my own babies weren't that tiny my wife

was breastfeeding and trying to do the

co-sleeping thing I didn't feel real

comfortable having them right next to me

what if I rolled over and I was really a

deep sleeper so for that reason I prefer

the Coast sleepers where your infant is

saddled up next to your bed but if you

can make it safe with a firm surface

maybe between the parents that would

certainly be fine imagine taking a

newborn putting them to sleep facedown

on a beanbag now that beanbag is going

to smother their nose and that baby's

gonna suffocate that's clearly what we

don't want so some of us as I have aged


a little more soft and I would have to

be cautious let's say I was having my

babies sleep on my chest many of you

have realized sometimes the baby seemed

happier when they're laying down on your

chest well if you're soft like I am or

some moms obviously you're nursing and

you've got softer areas that could

potentially smother a baby you've got to

keep that in mind also if you're awake

obviously your baby can be asleep on

your chest other cultures you're on a

mat on the floor certainly that would be

safe there's no soft smothering

situation in play at that point so I

hope that's helpful with regards to Co

sleeping and sleeping in the bed at this

point I'm just addressing infants

obviously there's a whole different

episode we need to have about Co

sleeping with older infants sleep

problems with older infants and how to

avoid those so we'll bring that topic up

in the very near future thank you so

much for listening this is dr. Paul and

remember I'm your pediatrician