When Your Dog's Tail Turns to the Left, Run Away With Your Pet

oh boy dogs may be our best friend but

when it comes to communication we're

more like neighbors three doors down if

you've ever wondered what your little

buddy is trying to say like if they're

trying to warn you of something hey get

him to use his words yeah otherwise try

these sneezing and yawning not you the

dog when your dog starts sneezing or

opening their mouth to yawn you might

think they've inhaled some pollen or

that they just need a nap

but if they're in an unfamiliar

environment surrounded by strange people

or pets it might mean Fido is getting

nervous things can get confusing because

yawning is also a sign of contentment so

keep an eye out to see if your putts

yawn seems out of place high and stiff

tail when you're out and about with your

pooch you may notice their tail sticking

straight up as with yawning this can

mean different things depending on the

situation often it's your dog's way of

showing off showing other hounds that

they're not just any other mutt be

careful though because a raised tail is

also used to show dominance and canines

won't always agree on who's top dog

tongue flicking the next time you see

your dog licking his chops it doesn't

necessarily mean he's hungry flicks of

the tongue are a sign that they're

worried you might be angry with them if

they just ate your pot roast five

minutes before the guests arrive you

might have a reason to be mad but don't

confuse anxiety with guilt dogs are

pretty good at reading the room but

don't always know when they've done

something wrong tilting their head does

your dog tilt its head when you talk to

it and maybe trying to hear you better

or see you around its muzzle however

dogs can recognize patterns and the head

tilting can happen because they know it

gets a giggle out of you dogs might not

know the word cute but they know being

cute is a great way to get your approval

be careful though constant tilting of

their head can be sign of an ear

infection that needs treatment digging

chances are you like dogs a lot more

than a hole in your lawn but sometimes

it can be tricky to get one without the

other your canine companion might be

digging for several reasons anxiety and

hunger are both possibilities but one

common cause is boredom a dog with too

much energy needs to find something to

do with its dog and if it's not playing

fetch or going on walks

digging is their next favorite pastime

iContact does your dog love to sticker

snout in your face or does he turn away

when you try to look him in the eye for

dog's eye contact is a sign of trust and

affection if they turn away it means

they're either frightened uncomfortable

or doing something you wouldn't approve

of hey where'd my ham go drooping ears

few things are sad or looking than a dog

with drooping ears usually that's

precisely the signal they're trying to

send it can also be another sign of an

ear infection if giving them their

favorite toy doesn't seem to cheer them

up it might be a good idea to swing by

the vet remember even a seemingly minor

infection can cause permanent damage to

your furry friend bringing you things

Doug's appreciate gifts just as much as

people and they like to give them too if

Rover comes bounding up to drop his

favorite toy two feet it might mean he

wants you to have it this is also the

reason dogs will occasionally return

with random objects they found outside

or any small animals that weren't quick

enough to get away how sweet your dog or

can't ever brought you a surprising

little gift let me know down in the

comments if you've seen any of this

strange behavior in your pet and on to

the next one wagging their tail to the

left or right now we tend to assume that

a wagging tail means a dog is happy but

that's not always the case

wagging on the right is a sign that they

want to approach a person or animal but

if their tail is wagging on the left

that's their way of warning you about

danger like that snake hiding in the

bushes long story short you both

we'll be better off somewhere else

wagging back and forth a slow tail wag

back and forth signals that the dog is

unsure of the situation so you might

want to keep your distance until he's

figured it out a quick and shaky back

and forth may look completely different

but has a similar meaning tick it as a

signal that the animal is on edge and

best left alone for now

destructive chewing well it shouldn't be

news to anyone that dogs like to chew


chewing isn't always restricted to their

toys and many a shoe has fallen afoul of

fidos teeth usually it's enough just to

direct your dog to something more

appropriate if that doesn't work it

could mean something is missing from

their diet like leather or that they're

feeling anxious touching you is your dog

feeling lonely dogs will often put their

paw on you while you're sitting down or

rub up against you as you go past

puppies also tend to paw at the air when

they want something these are their ways

of getting your attention it probably

means they want you to pet or play with

it so get to it whimpering this is a

tricky one since the same sounds can

mean different things

assuming you've already made sure your

pet is free from injury it could be

their way of telling you that they need

to be walked and soon it might also be a

sign of fear so keep your eyes out for

other sides like hiding their tail

between their legs constant kisses

depending on your personality getting

licked by a big slobbery pooch is either

the best or worst thing your pet can do

for you

I like it part of it is that dogs just

like the way you taste or more

accurately this salt in your sweat it

can also be a sign of submission or an

attempt to gain a belly rub scooting

across the floor it may be funny to see

your four-legged friend dragging his

rear end across the floor but that

usually means they need a good bath it

can also be a sign of intestinal

parasites if you notice that your little

buddy spends a lot of time dragging

their backside across the

it's probably time to get them checked

out tearing furniture if your dogs

tearing up the couch it could signal a

bad case of separation anxiety

most pups will grow out of it but in the

meantime you can try walking them more


this will help burn off that pent-up

energy and reinforce that you don't stop

existing every time you leave for work

if the problem persists you might want

to think about consulting a professional

dog trainer limp tail a dog's tail is an

essential tool for both communication

and balance if your dog's tail is

hanging limp and they don't seem to like

using it well that's a red flag that

something might be wrong the tail is one

of the most injury prone parts of a

dog's body so if there's is barely

getting any use you'll want to have it

looked at right away

curl tails some dogs have naturally

curly tails what if it looks like your

dog is pulling their tail toward the

head it's a sign they're getting

overexcited especially if they're in a

large unfamiliar crowd or there are loud

noises you'll want to find a nice quiet

spot where they can calm down before

they get too worked up tail chasing

certain breeds such as German Shepherds

and some Terriers are known to chase

their tails compulsively and no one is

100% sure why with other breeds it might

just be that they're bored or looking

for attention meanwhile puppies don't

always realize the tail their nipping is

their own just make sure they aren't

trying to bite their tail since that can

be a red flag of parasites or some other

medical problem bowing when you see a

dog bend its front legs and raise its

behind in the air that's your cue

it's time to play human well I wouldn't

recommend it while surrounded by

strangers you can try bowing back if you

really want to make the pooches day by

the way have you noticed that dogs are

lousy card players it's true it's very

easy to win over the pooch the reason

well dogs tend to wag their tails when

they get a good hand

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