When can I return to work after being sick with COVID-19?


You are sick with COVID-19 symptoms but have  NOT been tested for COVID-19. OR You are sick  

and your healthcare provider told you that you  have COVID-19 based on a lab test or symptoms.

If you are sick with COVID-19  symptoms - such as fever,  

cough, shortness of breath, chills,  headache, muscle pain, sore throat,  

or loss of taste or smell, but have not been  tested for COVID-19 or you are sick and your  

doctor or local clinic told you that you have  COVID-19 based on a lab test or symptoms.

Stay at home and separate yourself  from others in your household.  

Do not share anything like utensils, or phones.

Stay at home until all three of these things are  true: 1. Your symptoms, like cough or shortness  

of breath, have improved. 2. It’s been at  least 10 days since your symptoms started.  

3. You’ve had 24 hours with no fever  without fever reducing medicine.  

Stay home for the amount of  time that is the longest.

For example, your symptoms start on a Tuesday.  

Your temperature goes down without fever reducing  medicine on the following Sunday. After 24  

hours of no fever, you could return to work on  Tuesday. You’ve stayed home a total of 13 full days.

One more example. Your symptoms start on Sunday.  Your temperature goes down without fever reducing  

medicine on Thursday. After 24 hours of no  fever, you’ve stayed at home for 5 days. Since  

the minimum number of days you need to stay home  is 10 full days, you can return to work on Thursday.

When you return to work, stay 6 feet away  from co-workers and visitors if possible and  

wear a mask. Check your local and workplace  guidance about masks when returning to work.  

If you work in health care or still aren’t feeling  well enough to work, talk to your employer.

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