When Can I Put Blankets in the Crib?



my name is christina govinda at and today we're going

to talk about

when you can put blankets in your baby's

crib having a blanket on your baby's


is a really nice touch for decor but

it's important to remember

that they can be a safety hazard it can

be really dangerous to have

a mobile but small baby in a crib with a


because they can get tangled with it or

they could be they could roll up against

it but not be able to roll back and so

suffocate themselves

this has happened babies and that's why

it's recommended

to not put anything including blankets

in your baby

mature enough to be able to get out of

any sort of entanglement that they get

in or yell for help

but as an infant they're not able to do


during the winter months when it's

chilly out and your baby needs a blanket

there are some really great options on

the market right now you dress them in

their normal pajamas

with socks nice and warm and then over


you put a sleep sack and then it keeps

them warm like a blanket that wraps them

yet their legs can move around and they

can kick my name is christina govinda

thanks so much for watching and that's

when you can put blankets in your baby's