Hardy Herbs To Grow Outdoors

Summer might be over but that doesn't mean your garden has to end as well.

There are lots of ways that you can extend your garden well into the fall

and winter but say I'm going to keep it simple and talk about hearty herbs that

you can grow outdoors right now. Depending on where you live you may be

able to extend your garden for months to come. So, I'm going to give you five of my

favorite cool weather herbs that you can grow outdoors this fall.

Hey, I'm Nadia and today I'm going to talk about some of the herbs that you

can be growing in your garden even if the temperature is dropping. I've been

watching the weather lately and I'm seeing that some people north of me are

already getting snow in their forecast which is crazy but yes that happens. It's

fall we're getting colder weather all of us are some of us certainly colder than

others but that doesn't mean you're hefty. Your garden has to come to an end.

You can still be growing food even if you live in a northern climate. Where I

live in southern Ontario. I still have a good month left until it starts dipping

below freezing at night and that is pretty much your indicator of whether or

not your typical food will survive outside without any protection is one

night start to get below freezing. So, that's called your first frost date and

if you don't know what yours is I'll provide a link down below this video

city. You can find out what yours is because that's really helpful to know at

this time of year. If you're going to be planting anything whether that's new

crops or whether you want to keep your garden going as long as you can you kind

of have an idea of when that's gonna end but you can be growing well beyond that

date. I know a lot of people don't think that they think that okay just because

their tomatoes and their peppers are coming to an end those lives are coming

to an end that doesn't mean that the whole garden. Well there are lots of

amazing fruits or other vegetables and herbs mostly that will thrive even in

the cold weather in fact some of them even do better in cold weather than they

do in the summer. So, I want to give you 5 herbs that you can put in your garden

right now. Whether you want to plant them from scratch and let them continue on

for the rest of the season or if you have them growing in your garden know

that these will do just fine and you don't have to worry about protecting

them from the elements until it really starts to get cold and that's usually

well beyond that that last frost date or that first frost day than the fall. The

first herb that I want to share with you is parsley and parsley is amazing for

handling the cold weather. I've had parsley in the ground well into the fall

even the early winter without any protection and it does just fine. It can

handle those cold nights, the leaves won't turn brown,

they won't shrivel up like some of the other herbs like basil and things like

that they won't they can't basil can't handle any cold temperature but the

herbs that I'm talking to you about today

and parsley being the first of them it can definitely handle some frosty nights.

So, parsley is one to include if you like to cook if you like to garnish your

meals with anything parsley is kind of a no-brainer. I think a lot of us love to

use that herb in small or large quantities and our cooking. So, definitely

include that one in your fall garden. The second herb is thyme and thyme is

another really popular one in the fall. You see it in a lot of fall dishes if

you like to if you eat meat and you have chicken let's say a lot of roast chicken

or things like that they call for thyme and some of the other herbs I'm talking

about but thyme is such a classic fall flavor. I feel like and if you don't like

or you want to change up the traditional thyme that you may be used to in the

grocery store. They have flavored or variations of thyme. They have lemon thyme

which I love I grow that as well, they have lime thyme there's all sorts of

other kinds of thyme that you can try if you want a little bit of a switch from

the traditional thyme. The next one is sage and sage is a funny one. It's one

that I have growing in my garden all year it's a perennial. So, we'll come back

in the spring and it will stay in my garden alive all summer and then to the

fall and then die back when it gets really cold but it's funny I don't ever

try to cook with it in the middle of the summer. I only specifically look for

recipes or use it in recipes on the fall for whatever reason but I did

actually make a recipe recently with zucchini blossoms. So, if you do have

zucchini in your garden and you have a sage plant you have to try this recipe

it is so good and it's vegan and gluten free if that's important to you as well.

So, sage is an amazing one for the garden if the leaves are thick so it can

definitely handle those cold nights. Next up is chives and chives are interesting

they are one of the first herbs to pop up out of my garden in the spring and

they are one of the last ones to die in the fall. So, if you want an amazing herb

that survives very well throughout the whole season

then chives are an amazing one to add to your garden it's also a perennial. So,

we'll come back each year depending on where you live but in most areas it will

come back each and every year and chives are fun because you can add them

anywhere you would add onion and I love to add them to potato salad, to pasta

salad, anywhere where I don't want that really strong potent onion flavor

especially if I'm going to eat it like maybe top a sandwich or something

like that with it chives are a really fun one to have in your garden. And the

last herb is cilantro and unlike the other herbs that I've been talking about

cilantro is an annual. So, you do need to plant it each and every year and

cilantro is one that I can even plan to my garden now with four or five weeks

left in my growing season and I will still have cilantro throughout the fall

in winter. Now, certainly not as much as if I had planted it a month ago but it's

definitely one that you can still be planting if you have a good length of

your season left. I would say on average; if you have three to four weeks left in

your growing season and use that calculator in the link below a few in

the description below if you don't know what your says but as long as you have

three or four weeks left in your growing season. You can grow these herbs even if

you're planting it from seed. No, bias of course you'd want to plant it a little

bit earlier if you could but don't sweat it because you can definitely be getting

these herbs in and if it's a perennial it will come back in the spring and

you'll have it all next year as well .So, Solyndra is a fun one. If you like

Mexican food certainly it's a good one to put in salsas and then that kind of

food. So, awesome one is cilantro and in fact I have even in December last year.

The year before in December it had snowed and I wasn't expecting the

snowfall I hadn't covered my garden and I pushed back all the snow and there was

the bright green cilantro waiting for me. So, it handled a foot of snow on top of

those leaves and it did just fine. So, it's definitely a hardy one I can tell

you from experience. Don't let the cool weather stop you from

producing food well into the fall in the winter good quality organic and local

food can be really hard to come by at this time of the year. I know that my

farmers markets are starting to dwindle down even the selection that is there. Is

not nearly as much as there was in the summer but there's no reason for that

there are so many amazing vegetables and herbs and even fruits that are abundant

in the cool weather. So, if you have your own garden take advantage of that fact

and grow with the seasons. And if you are growing any of your own food into the

cool weather let me know what they are? and love to hear what you're growing and

what you're doing with them and I've got plenty of other cool

weather videos coming up. So, if you haven't already subscribed to my channel

do that now to make sure that you do not miss a thing and I hope you have

a great week and I will see you in the next one.