Anyone Can Grow Broccoli By Doing These Simple Things

what's going on growers it's James

presume you only come to you live from

Jersey now is the time of year when we

harvest our spring broccoli and this

year it's looking better than it ever

has so today I want to give you five

tips for growing bigger better broccoli

let's go the first tip the growing

bigger broccoli has to do with location

and timing broccoli prefers growing in

full Sun but if you live in an area

where it's really hot you may want to

grow that broccoli in partial shade and

this partial shade can help prevent it

from bolting too early but if there's

not enough Sun you may have fruit or

broccoli heads that are just a little

small let me show you some of the ones

in here that didn't get enough Sun

they're small and then I'll show you

ones in a location that gets plenty of

Sun right now I'm hanging out in the

seven-year-old food forest straight

above me here is a mulberry tree

dropping a lot of mulberries down which

actually shades a good amount of this

area for most of the day because that

mulberries on the south side in this

fruit forest we've got a lot of fruit

trees we're producing a lot of food but

we also stick annuals in where we can

and some seconds the annuals do great

and they're really productive where we

get light between the trees but

sometimes there's just not enough light

I think that's what the issue is with

these broccoli in the back I'll bring

you closer the growth you will see the

growth is just a little bit stunted and

the flower heads are already starting to

form when the broccoli is really young

so this this broccoli plants tiny this

flower head is small and it shouldn't be


temperature is really important for

broccoli as well they like cool days and

cool nights so if you live in a location

where it gets hot early you want to get

a variety that is short some cultivars

are 45 days somewhere 85 so if you've

got summer coming quick in a short

spring get a variety with the short

amount of days to harvest in most

locations you can go broccoli in the

spring and in the fall when I grow it in

the spring

I prefer planting indoors or in my

greenhouse about 4 to 8 weeks before the

last frost date this way if the weather

change is quick and spring short and

summer comes I know I can get a good

harvest because I started my things

earlier I transplanted them out there's

something you need to know though when

transplanting and that'll tie in to tip

number 2 let me bring you into the new

food forest where the broccoli is lush

and growing great the second tip to

growing bigger Brock

has to do with avoiding premature

heading oftentimes this premature

heading comes from transplanting out our

starts too late the ideal time to do

this is when the starts about six inches

tall or has about two to four true

leaves if we wait too long the plan can

get a little stressed it can start the

head up and then we'll get that early

premature heading so you can see here

this broccoli and the one behind me that

I'll show you

they were transplanted out at the same

time as the ones that I showed you in

the seven year old fruit forest these

ones are way further along and that's

not because I transplant them out too

late the ones in the 700 54 it's because

they're not getting enough light as you

can see here in this section we get

plenty of light we have good soil and as

a result we've got beautiful broccoli if

they're tip to growing bigger broccoli

ties a little bit in with a second so

after you transplant your broccoli out

say about two weeks later it's advised

to go out and pull some of your

woodchips back put some black leaf mulch

down or some compost or some fish

emulsion something to feed that broccoli

to keep that accelerated growth that's

the trick to continue the accelerated

growth this way the broccoli will do

real well because you don't want any

stunts that stunt will slow it down and

help really could knock down the size of

your harvest the fourth tip the growing

bigger broccoli is to know that she

loves water a good way to hold a lot of

the moisture for broccoli is to have

that thick wood chips down the mulch is

so important for retaining moisture for

feeding your plants and just for

building better soil in the future one

thing to note though you guys know that

I'm not big on watering but when it

comes to broccoli during dry spells I

make sure I water all my brassicas these

are plants that have high levels of

water they require that so I want to

make sure I'm helping them and

continuing that accelerated growth that

I talked about last tip if it's stepped

up growing bigger and better broccoli

has to do with harvesting we want to

come out and harvest our broccoli at the

right time so it's not too small and

we're missing out on how big it could be

but we also want to make sure we come

out and harvest it before it starts to

flower so you see the florets you'll see

them on the broccoli here and as it

starts to turn yellow or start to

separate and spread out that means that

it's getting a little late so we want to

make sure we come and cut those before


and it's important to note after we cut

out the main head of the broccoli a lot

of the varieties especially the

heirlooms will continue to shoot out

little smaller side shoots of little

heads of broccoli you can see something

home form there so don't get ready or

broccoli after you cut them any one out

continue to come and harvest them as it

produces heads

you'll also notice here that we have a

few different varieties of broccoli with

different sized heads at different times

we did this because the length of

harvest is different so we could extend

our harvest we don't just have a bunch

of heads all at once that we can't even

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