Tips for Planting Annuals in the Landscape // Garden Answer

hey guys good morning Laura with our

dancer today I want to give you some

tips on planting annuals in the ground

and as you can see I just got done

planting a bunch of supertunias in this


I've got supertunia lemoncello in this

corner at that corner and supertunia at

Bordeaux in the other two corners I

always like to save a couple of spots in

my garden for annuals because they

really do give you the most in terms of

color for your money because even the

high-performing perennials that will

bloom a lot during the summer even those

will take a little break in between

bloom cycles but these don't so I always

save a space in the front of our house

and then this area will be drive by it

every day for annuals because I like to

see a lot of color so the first tip is

to choose your location based on the

amount of light that your annuals want

so supertunias as you know like full Sun

this area gets it this one gets some Sun

for most of the day a little bit of

filtered Sun like mid morning but then

in the afternoon full-on Sun they should

be really happy here let me go show you

the other location and this is the other

location this is right in front of our

house in fact you might remember this

last year we planted it up with

supertunia Vista bubblegum and it was

incredible in fact let me show you what

it looks like when we're very first

planted it and then what it looked like

a couple months later check this out



isn't that incredible they just did so

amazing in this spot so this year I

chose supertunia Bordeaux which I love

the colour of and then I use three

graceful grasses prints cut on either

side for my centerpiece plant so if your

annuals require full Sun you want to

make sure to put them in a spot they get

six to eight hours at least if your

annuals like parts on four to six hours

is perfect if they like shade or part

shade like lobelia impatience begonia

you want to make sure that they get four

hours or less of Sun and preferably Sun

in the morning the second tip is spacing

so what I do is look at the back in a

tag and look at what they recommend for

spacing and then I move up just a little

bit closer than that because for annuals

we don't need to worry about getting our

spacing just proper because we're

enjoying these for a few months that's

the nature of annuals and then after the

first really hard frost they'll need to

be removed so I like the plants to fill

in quickly I like to enjoy them looking

really full and beautiful I don't want

them to take all season to meet now when

it comes to pruning else shrubs and

trees don't fudge the spacing it's

really important to get it right on

those plants the third tip is to find a

really comfortable digging tool that

works for you this is my favorite one

this is a multipurpose planting tool

they do come in a lot of different

brands what it basically had is a

serrated edge on one side in case you

run across any little root that cuts

through those really nicely it's nice

and sharp but just find something that

is comfortable and work for you the

fourth tip is fertilizing and this is a

huge one because annuals are workhorse

plants they will perform really really

well for you but you need to make sure

to see them so what I do is I start off

by adding a little bit of a continuous

release fertilizer around their roots

when I plant them that way I know that

there's something slowly feeding them

when I very first plant them and then

I'll go in with a water soluble

fertilizer once a week and they do

really well on that schedule I mean you

saw the supertunia Vista bubble gum

that's the schedule I followed last year

and they did great the fifth and last

tip is to water consistently so wherever

you put your annuals you just want to

make sure they're in a location that you

can either easily reach with a hose or

in a spot you can set up on some kind of

an irrigation system drip it's

preferable overhead sprinkler is okay

these are watered by an overhead

sprinkler and they do just fine no

matter what you just want to make sure

they're getting enough water and it's

consistent so those are my five tips on

planting annuals in the ground and I

I hope this video was helpful and more

than that I hope it encouraged you guys

to go plant some annuals in the ground

because it's totally worth it it's worth

the money and it's worth the time so if

you're tackling this project this year I

would love to see pictures so if you're

posting on social media make sure to tag

us so we can see it thank you guys so

much for watching we'll see you in the

next video site