all right this video is to show you how

to properly release the steam safely

from your instant pot so my potatoes

cooked for 20 minutes and then I did

some other health work and in the

meantime it stayed for 10 minutes so you

can see by the fact that this thing is

still up at the top there's still

pressure also you cannot open it it

won't let you open it so it's a safety

thing what I do is I put a pot holder

over the top and then what happens is

you're just going to let the steam up so

all you do is very simple you let the

steam out alright and I put this over

because it's being dish all over the

place sorry thought I'd show you what it

takes to safely let the steam out of

your instant pot they built this thing

thinking about small kitchens big

chicken anyway so and then I try to

jostle it it won't open until that

button goes down and that's when you

know the pressure inside the pot is at a

safe place to open it and that's all

there is to it

very happy okay and now I am raffling it

see that went down easy peasy

no problem and there are my potatoes

which I'm going to make mashed potatoes

using all three types of potatoes I

could find in my cupboard red yellow and