When To Mow New Grass after Overseeding and First Mow

hello everyone - thank you for joining

me for this video today we're going to

be talking about when to first mow your

over seated lawn and also going to be

completing the first mow on my lawn

after I've over seated

so after we've over seeded the lawn you

want to wait really as long as possible

before you get out on it with the mower

and before you cut things because it's

gonna cause a little bit of stress on

the yard

and obviously with all this watering

that we've done as well it's gonna make

things a little bit easier to tear

things up with your mower for me with

the perennial ryegrass that I used as I

mentioned you usually get some pretty

good growth then you normally needs to

be mowed within probably 10 to 14 days

or so if you're using something as slow

as bluegrass then you're obviously going

to be waiting probably 20 or so days

before you even see any seeds come up so

during that time you're gonna have to

continue to mow and then once you start

to see that seed come up then you're

gonna want to wait as long as possible

to let it get to a cutting height before

you go back over the yard so again with

me in perennial ryegrass I'm at about

the 11 day mark now and things are

really starting to grow in I'm at the

point where the existing grass is

growing tall enough and the new growth

is getting to a point where I want to

cut it


so I'm gonna have to be very careful as

I mentioned because the soil is fairly

wet from watering consistently and I'm

going to be using the small Honda push

mower to complete the first cut you want

to make sure you have your blade sharp

which I do on this mower and you're

gonna want to go over the grass as

lightly as possible and don't make any

major turns in the lawn and or do

anything like that

I normally let the grass get to around 3

inches tall the new stuff if possible

before I cut it and I'm going to be

cutting down to two and a half inches so

we're only taking off about a half an

inch we're not gonna stress out the new

grass too much another thing you can do

is kind of go look at some of your new

grass and just give a little bit of a

light pull on it and see if it's rooted

down into the ground I did this with

some of the areas that I seated near my

sidewalks and things were feeling like

they're pretty well and wrote it down in

there so that's kind of another test you

can do to see how well the seeds gonna

handle the mowing so now that we're at a

height where we know that we want to mow

this then you can kind of decide if you

want to bag it or you want to mulch it

or what you want to do with it in the

past when I've used a small mower that I

had last year I didn't have a mulching

option so I did side discharge at that

point didn't really cause any issue or a

problem in the lawn but since I have the

option this year I decided that I'm

going to bag it with this Honda I could

mulch but I feel like the grass is tall

enough that I might get some clumps left

underneath the deck from the mulching

mower I don't want to leave anything

smothered on the yard so I'm gonna bag

this I don't feel like I have any seed

leftover that it's gonna suck anything

up I think everything's pretty much

grown in that's gonna grow and so I'm

just gonna go over the yard with the

bagger and make sure everything looks

clean we don't leave any clippings

laying on the yard that's gonna let

everything continue to thicken up and

establish all this new seed that came in

is still at a very delicate stage so

again you want to make sure that you're

not going too crazy with your mower

so if possible make sure to make your

turns on sidewalks or hard surfaces if

you can



as you can see here after mowing I think

things are really starting to look good

I'm pretty excited with the way that

everything is growing in I think even

just a couple more weeks and we're

really gonna have a well-established


so stay tuned for more I really

appreciate you watching these videos let

me know if you have any comments or any

questions thanks again for watching and

we'll see you next time