What causes premature births?


premature birth can be caused by a

number of problems unfortunately there's

a significant number we never really

figure out but there are some medical

problems that if identified early are

known to have risk of premature birth

the biggest one is called pregnancy

induced hypertension or preeclampsia or

hypertension of pregnancy goes by a

bunch of different names but that

particular problem results in mom

becoming very sick and she can become

quite ill and go to what we call

eclampsia or help syndrome which are all

a spectrum but she can have liver

failure her platelet count can drop her

kidneys can start producing protein in

the urine so it becomes a

life-threatening problem to the mom so

it's essential that they get the baby

delivered so that plays a major factor

in some of our premature births if moms

have multiple babies twins triplets even

quadruplets that's going to increase the

risk of having that delivery early the

uterus can only hold so many babies and

so much placenta so eventually it

reaches its maximum and the babies need

to come out infection is another reason

that moms deliver early if mom has had a

preterm delivery in the past she's at a

higher risk to have another preterm

delivery there are also some behavioral

issues that can affect whether a mom

goes into preterm labor or not and it

has to do with using drugs using tobacco

using alcohol those are all known risk

factors if they're used in heavy amounts

can increase the risk for prematurity