Flu Vaccine: Myths and Facts | UCLA Health


hello I'm Johnny Smith so president of

UCLA health around this time of year we

hear a lot of different reasons why

people don't get the flu vaccine I've

actually had the flu shot before and it

made me feel awful I think it actually

caused the flu

aren't some vaccines dangerous I never

get the flu I never get the shot why

would I want to be vaccinated now I just

don't think it works in reality most of

these reasons have no basis in truth

what is true is that in order for the

flu vaccine to work most effectively and

truly protect our community of patients

and each other we all need to get

vaccinated so let's set the record

straight about the most common reasons

why some people are reluctant to get the

flu vaccine you don't think it works it

takes about two weeks after vaccination

for antibodies to develop in the body

and provide protection against the

influenza virus in the meantime you're

still at risk for getting the flu and

you can also get respiratory illnesses

that are not the flu virus that's why

it's best to get vaccinated early in the

fall before the flu season really gets

underway you've never gotten the flu

shot and you've never had the flu if you

get a flu shot you will protect the

people around you

remember that if you are infected with

the flu you will be contagious for about

two days before you experience any

symptoms by the time you start to feel

ill you may have already infected your

grandparents your neighbors newborn baby

or the pregnant woman you gave your seat

to on the bus you may get lucky and have

a mild case but if you'd had your flu

shot you probably wouldn't have passed

the disease on to those vulnerable

people around you after all even if

you've never been in a car accident you

still wear your seat belt you got the

flu shot one year and you think it

actually gave you the flu you cannot get

the flu from the flu vaccine there are

two possible explanations why you may

have thought that you could first you

might have been infected by another

respiratory virus soon after getting

your vaccination the vaccination won't

protect you from other viruses but those

viruses are also unlikely to cause

severe complications

secondly you might feel a little rundown

after getting vaccinated because your

immune system is doing its job and

building antibodies against the virus

these vaccines work by stimulating your

immune system to attack certain parts of

the surface of the virus the flu vaccine

cannot give you the flu the real flu

would be far worse

you heard vaccines are dangerous flu

vaccines have been given for more than

50 years and they have a very good

safety track record flu vaccines are

made the same way each year and their

safety is closely monitored by the

Center for Disease Control and

Prevention and the Food and Drug

Administration we give over a hundred

twenty million doses a year in the

United States and carefully review the

safety you're afraid of needles the very

minor pain of a flu shot is nothing

compared to the suffering that can be

caused by the flu the flu can make you

very sick for several days send you to

the hospital or worse either way a shot

can prevent you from catching the flu so

whatever discomfort you feel from the

minor side effects of the flu vaccine is

worthwhile to avoid getting the flu and

spreading the flu to your friends family

and patients you just don't have the

time first we have made it easier than

ever to get the flu vaccine from large

scale events at the beginning of the flu

season too readily available

appointments at our occupational health

facility second if you do get the flu

you'll be out sick far longer than it

takes to get a flu shot enough people

get the flu shot so I don't have to this

is simply not true the fact is the

vaccination rate nationwide is well

below what it needs to be to protect the

community and therefore you can still

get exposed to the influenza virus

outside the hospital and bring it to our

patients flu prevention begins with you

this is your health it's your


there may be other reasons why you or

someone you know chooses not to get the

flu vaccine the bottom line is when you

choose not to vaccinate it could have a

direct effect on you your co-workers and

our patients and Families every year an

estimated thirty six thousand Americans

die because of the flu so please help

all of us out and get vaccinated today

thank you

so Jenice ready for your vaccine