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today I am talking about baby beach

vacation must-haves because I just got

back from vacation


we just got back from a week-long

vacation in Hawaii and we were on the

island of Kauai II you know I learned a

lot from this vacation about the things

that you really need and don't need for

your baby when you're on a beach

vacation I thought I would share some of

the products that I just really ended up

using and then at the end I'll tell you

just a handful of products that i did

not use and did not need whatsoever so

the first product that i think is an

absolute must-have this is the peugeot


omni 360

you guys forego baby it's the best thing

to travel with

everything it's just a must-have in

general when you travel but it's

essential when you're on a beach

vacation so first off when you're at the

airport at LAX at least they let you go

right through if you're pre-check they

let you go right through the security

with your baby in the carrier so that's

a big help already because you don't

have to take them out and you have your

hands-free while you're loading on your

luggage and doing all of that stuff and

if you need to like go to the little

convenience store the general store

inside the airport and get your water

and snacks and magazines anything like

that this is just very very helpful but

it's even more helpful on a beach

vacation because there's a lot of sand

so you don't want to take your stroller

anywhere in the sand we went for hikes

we went for like a lot of walks where

there were some like dirt roads and

things like that or like gravel roads or

pathways and you just don't want to use

your stroller in those areas or it just

becomes more annoying so having this

carrier is really really helpful because

you can basically take your baby

anywhere and you're good to go there are

even times when he needed to nap and we

were still out or we you know finally

parked somewhere but we needed to get

out so I put him in this carrier and I

just had him against me and he was able

to sleep throughout the time that was

just really really helpful so we went

for a hike we went for walks on beach

and I carried him in this because he's

not walking on his own yet so it would

have been really annoying to have to you

know just carry him on my own or to like

you know not know where to put him down

anything like that so this is essential

it is essential so next essential for

the beach this mat from gather it's

folded up right now but you know you can

even fold it up smaller if you need to

for your suitcase kind of like a blanket

just like that what I love about these

mats is they are real leather they're

really thin they come in really cute

colors and they're easy to wipe down but

they're essential also for the beach

because when you have your baby and

whether you have it in the carrier

you're holding him and you try to lay

down like a blanket or a towel or

something like that you you always have

to worry about the blanket like gets all

bunched up somewhere and then you've got

less space to lay down or if it's windy

it was super windy and quiet the blanket

might keep going up and stuff this is no

gonna do that it's nice and flat when

you open it up it just flattens out

right away and like I said it's you can

wipe it up it comes in cool colors I

mean this is just a really cool mat to

have let me show you how how it looks

just like that

and so it's really stiff and it comes in

different sizes to three different sizes

from what I recall this is a smaller

size and then I have one other size

that's just a little bit larger next up

tada it's just a little snack container

it's by Skip pop it has three little

sections that you can put snacks in to

which I found to be very valuable any

kosh's in love with berries so on the

airplane we had berries ready to go for

him some raspberries some blueberries I

put some cheese in one of these and you

know it's just it just makes it really

really helpful it's easy to clean and

you can carry it but I just found it was

really easy to put into the beach bag

and of course you need water Nakash is

actually pretty good about drinking

water out of a water bottle or a cup but

he's just so much better at drinking

water out of his little cheeky baby

sippy cup because it has a straw he

loves this thing we take it everywhere

we take it on the flight he just loves

it it's great that he can drink so much

water especially at the beach they get

dehydrated another essential for the

beach bag whether you're going to the

pool or to the actual beach are these I

love these I actually discovered them

while we were on our trip these are from

a brand called Aloha and they're they

call them splash proof they're kind of

like waterproof bags and they're really

really thin I got this one and I got

this one

there's a smaller one and you can put

anything like when you're traveling on

the airplane you can put all of your

things like shampoos like liquid beauty

products shampoos cleansers anything

like that store them in these bags and

then you know it won't leak all over

your suitcase so that's awesome but then

when you have wet swimsuits or towels or

anything like that put them in this or

in this depending on the size of

everything what I also liked about these

is you can use them just kind of like on

a regular basis when you get home too so

they're just really good reusable cute

bags wipes I'm big fan of water wipes if

you haven't noticed I talked about them

a lot I'm here on my youtube channel I

tend to like

carrying some wipes with me on the

airplane and at the beach and at the

pool because you know inevitably there's

always going to be messes especially if

you're giving your baby snacks or if you

get in the sand or anything like that

you want to be able to wipe them down if

it gets hot a good way to use wipes is

to you know they're always nice and cool

because they're wet so you pull it out

and you just like Pat it on your baby's

face and on the back of their necks and

stuff like that and it cools them down

periodically if you need to so I just

really like to have these around and

water wipes is my favorite because it's

mostly water with a little splash of

fruit extract so these are really great

obviously any wipes that you choose

would probably do exactly what you need

but I just you know they're just so

simple like when you go on a beach

vacation you inevitably stay at a resort

or a house or something that has a pool

when you have a baby they want to be all

up in that pool and you get exhausted

because that's all you're doing is being

in the water so what I have found that's

really helpful we start it with this we

and we took we took both of these with

us by the way this is inflatable so we

just deflated it folded it up and fit

easily into our suitcase and this you

see like it's it's kind of it's pulls

into itself like that so this is really

easy so I'll show it to you

this one the Otaru is awesome because

it's for younger babies so I think you

can start with babies does it say on

here I want to say minimum weight it's

this right here net minimum weight is

nine pounds so you can start with a baby

who is minimum nine pounds and maximum

weight 35 pounds and what's great about

this is it goes around their neck and

their little chin just sits right there

there's a little chin rest so it might

look like it would choke your baby but

it doesn't it's like really really

comfortable for the baby and then they

had their arms and their legs completely

free and they keep their heads out of

the water and so you don't have to worry

about anything like the baby getting

water in their face or in their mouth or

anything like that and they actually get

to swim around and it's so cute Nakash

loved having this in the pool they get

exhausted really really quick because

they're like they've never been so free

before so they start to really go for it

and kick around and stuff so he was

never in the pool for more than like ten

minutes with this thing but it's so fun

and so cute to watch them react to being

in the pool with just this around

what makes this one awesome when your

kid gets a little bit bigger is that

they can kind of float so it's

essentially like a life vest for a kid

the weight it says needs to be 30 to 35

pounds around there but it's a good way

to like get them started on learning to

swim and flow on their own and it's

really cute to watch them in this so

these are the I play reusable water

diapers swim diapers these are great for

babies I also like the like Huggies

brand for instance makes water diapers

and those are great because those are

disposable but I do like these they're

kind of like little baby speedos so

they're kind of cute and awesome these

are great you will get peed on though

pee does go through these so just so you

know but they do contain poopies and

that's important I also really like the

full-body swim suits they look like

little surfer kids first off but they

have UPF 50 which means that they

protect from the Sun so you don't have

to like slather your child's entire body

with sunblock instead you can just cover

their bodies and then they're still

comfortable there's really cute designs

like this one and then there's this one

this is from snapper Rock which is a

brand that I really like for kids


we even had these little swim trunks

look at that how cute and daddy had

matching ones so they have mommy and

daddy and baby matching swimsuits I

didn't go as far as matching my swimsuit

but any caution his dad did and they

looks really really cute together and

then you want to protect your little

head so these are this is also from I

play it's a little hat that actually

covers like the back of the neck and

covers the face and the ears and

everything and you can put it on so that

he doesn't take it off I thought that

that was really helpful it protects from

the Sun we had him in these the entire

time he was on the beach their little

swim shoes I don't even know what the

brand is for these I got them on Amazon

I'll put a link below their little swim

shoes and they can get wet and

everything and then you know that way he

doesn't end up with like sand all over

his toes or steps on something if you're

trying to like walk him and stuff like

that or if you're like in the water and

letting him stand while you hold his

hands then you don't have to worry about

anything with his feet because he's

protected some

I am a big fan of think baby for your

child and for yourself I actually ended

up using think baby whenever I needed it

that way I wasn't carrying too many sun

blocks around it's not it's not nano

zinc oxide which is essentially what you

use on your babies but when they have

butt rash this is 20 percent zinc oxide

which is good because the higher

percentage of zinc oxide the more

protection you're gonna get you can see

I put a little bit of the stick on and

it left a little bit of a residue but

you baby doesn't care

Nakash had this all over his forehead

and everything the entire vacation he

had no idea and he didn't care at all

and he was protected I love this stick

it's only SPF 30 this is SPF 50 but you

only need SPF 30 really if you're gonna

be reapplying and this stick can just

fit everywhere and it's easy to apply I

love this stuff hand sanitizer spray I

like this one from the honest company

because it smells kind of like oranges

and I love it I just really have that

scent and you need it at the beach on

the on the plane when you travel this


hand sanitizer spray alright and then

the last of my must-haves is this Beach

baby book and I like this because it's

to proof rip proved unsuccessful so

basically it's waterproof and if you

want to keep your baby busy on the

airplane keep your babies busy at the

beach or at the pool this is a really

good book to keep around and it tells

your baby a little bit about being at

the beach and so it gets I'm excited

about it

alright now I'm gonna get into

must-haves that you don't really need to

have but I just really liked having cuz

it was cute and I know I just liked it

so first are these baby aiders and

actually these are a must-have if you

really really need them but you got to

get your baby used to them look at this

how cute these are so adorable they are

made out of plastic that isn't as easily

to break so if your baby takes them off

and throws them or something like that

they're not gonna break these are

polarized so they definitely protect

your child's eyes from the Sun which is

actually a necessity but I found that

Nakash would only wear them for a few

minutes and then he'd want to take them

off and everything so they just look

really really ding adorable so baby

aiders I said

they're so cute they come into tens of

different colors when you're in Hawaii

you can find baby Hawaiian outfits his

aunty red is from Hawaii so she this was

his first Hawaiian outfit that she

brought back for him and you guys it's

not a must-have but it's a must-have

because dang they look so cute in these

things they're so adorable

we even had him wear it and places like

Cabo because it's the beach who cares if

you're not in Hawaii it's the beach it's

a beach must-have not have beach must

not really have but what's up because

it's cute another must-have that you

don't really need but it's so dang cute

is a robe any time we would get any cash

out of the pool or you know mostly out

of the pool or maybe after a bath and

stuff and he wanted to still walk around

with his little you know swim trunks on

or something like that just to keep him

warm and to make sure he stayed dry we

put a little robe on him and it is the

most adorable thing I bought this

probably when he was like three months

old and I'll tell you it's one of the

most unnecessary products I have ever

purchased for him but it really is so

cute and we got the most use out of it

this time when we were on vacation

because like I said we threw it on him

right after the pool and stuff and he

was able to stand his swim outfit but

then wear this too and stay warm and

those are my baby beach vacation

must-haves and a few not so necessary

must-haves but just really cute stuff

tell me in the comments below if you

have any products or tips that you think

are necessary for a beach vacation with

your baby and give this video a big

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will see you soon