Fall fertilizing is the secret to a green lawn in spring

all right we are out in the back beside

the am patio with Mark Cullen and I said

to him just what bev said I said okay so

here we go is it time to put your lawn

to bed no he said don't give me that

winters stop and say there are still 10

weeks of great long growing season and

not only that this is the best time for

lawn growing in a lot of repairs

well you're not putting your golf clubs

to bed no I'm not no I'm not exactly so

that's my point

and this is the best time of year you're

right to produce a beautiful lawn why

because we have shorter days yeah cool

evening temperatures yeah very heavy

morning dude yes and we're getting a

little more rain than we had back in

August yeah these are all good reasons

to first of all thicken your lawn and

you know we've done this before Jeff

this is so easy

just a reminder to folks make sure

you've got about an an inch and a half

to two inches of good fresh soil you

want to use long soil or triple mix you

want to rake it smooth and then you want

to take this and just toss a handful of

that I've got my apple you gave me an

apple okay but okay there you go lookit

it's a Cortland apple from Mark's garden

he brought me now so just toss a handful

a little more a little more okay there

we go there we go let me just change it

thank you paid for it you can put a

little a little more like it all right

okay that's good okay step on it to get

it in firm contact with that soil and

water it now this is the right time of

year to fertilize and we're not using

the winterizer fertilizer yet just yet

okay just gonna use something high and

iron okay high in iron because it'll

give you a fast fast green up and the

slow release nitrogen in it is going to

give you a long and I'm coming back here

to point that because that is not the

traditional color but I'll fertilizer

that most people have seen so what does

it's full of iron full of iron yeah

that's what the red is all right well I

know that I'm glad you know because red

soil right iron full of iron exact

people who live in provinces with red

soil know what's right know exactly what

you're going to run that over there but

no no no I want and still before we run

out of time

you turn our attention to the lawnmower

okay important can I go back to one

thing first though this also when you

say to thicken your lawn that also

people sometimes don't put this together

but it's also a way to eliminate weeds

right the more grass you have the less

weeds correct that's catching on that's

good 15 years later I learned something

about my lies you're competing weeds out

of exist that right so my two year

program to the first for the for the

best-looking long you've ever had is to

do all the things we've talked about cut

your lawn yeah using a mulching mower

yeah at two-and-a-half to three inches

high so again that's the other thing

you'll see people do I this time of year

I'll start cutting her down that's right

so you'll want to leave it like that's

that much right yeah well it it well

yeah yeah that's two and a half to three

yeah exactly

yes 6 to 8 centimeters if you're not

bilingual right now the other thing the

other thing is that when you do that you

cut your lawn nice and high you're

shading out the the the weeds that would

normally germinate right so you're

minimizing your weeds and it will take

two years before 90% of your weeds just

kind of got here why because you are

competing them out of exist was it the

mote nice tall grass blades deep roots

of the grass means it's drought

resistant it'll be greener longer

fertilized now winterizer in late

October early November ultra seed now

all right this is a Cortland apple mark

brought me from his own garden which I'm

about to bite into but it's interesting

because we have a film and food festival

coming up next on Canada also check out

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