Hi9 | How Many Weeks is Safe for Delivery | Dr S. Shantha Kumari | Sr. Consultant Gynecologist


hello friends I'm dr. Shanta Kumari

Assyrian gynecologist laparoscopic

surgeon from a show the hospital so

much' go to hyderabad I am the chairman

of the I see OG foxy foxy is the

Federation of Fox gigantic societies of

India with 34 thousand members today's

question is how many weeks is it for

safe delivery well friends usually the

pregnancy is up to 40 weeks so 38 weeks

to 42 weeks is usually called term and

we calculate an expected date of

delivery which is usually at the 40th

week so the usual safe time to deliver

is around the expected date of delivery

which is the 40th week but many women

there are only four percent of women who

deliver on their a didi most of the

women may deliver any time between 38

weeks to 40 weeks plus few days here and

there but you may sometimes set into

labor even at 37 weeks or early 38 weeks

so as soon as you start feeling the

symptoms of her labor you have to report

your doctor sometimes you may have some

pains or some symptoms of labor even

before 37 weeks then it could be a

preterm labor where you will have to

report to your doctors our Indian


our women are safer when they deliver

per 40 weeks and we like to actually

take care of the women see that the

pregnancy is monitored beyond 40 weeks

if you want to continue without any no

complications and uncomplicated

pregnancy has to continue under

surveillance where the fetal heart has

to be monitored by an CTG and ultrasound

has to be done so to consider if the

pregnancy is safe for the woman to

continue beyond 40 weeks to 41 weeks but

usually beyond that we don't let a

pregnancy to continue because we have

worried about the fetal morbidity and

mortality so we would like to see that

the women deliver by that time in a safe

manner for the well-being of the baby