How long after a C-section should I wait to have another baby?

you asked a really good question you

want to know how long you should wait

before getting pregnant if you've had a

c-section and this is totally individual

and every doctor may give slightly

different answers to this question so it

would be best to talk to your doctor and

based on your individual circumstances

they can give you the best response but

most experts recommend that women wait

about 18 months before getting pregnant

again and this is just for normal

vaginal deliveries this is about the

amount of time it takes for a woman's

body to go back to normal and for her to

lose her pre-pregnancy weight so that

she can go into the next pregnancy

increasing her chances and the chances

of her baby being happy and healthy

during the pregnancy and for the

delivery so again I'd wait at least 18

months plan on that and then talk to

your doctor about any specifics that are

unique to you that might affect the

length of time that you should wait good

luck with everything and if you have any

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