Prenatal Massage - Does It Really Help to Get a Massage During Pregnancy?

hey hey mama this is your midwife Kyra

Here I am here with Megan who is our

licensed massage therapist here at the

natural birth house to talk to you a

little bit about prenatal massage and

all of its amazing benefits during your

pregnancy Megan tell us a little bit

about yourself first so my name is Megan

I am a licensed massage therapist here

in Lafayette I was actually one of

Kyra's patients when I had my baby a

little bit over a year ago loved

delivering here at the birth house by

the way it was amazing

so Megan tell us a little bit about what

prenatal massage is and why it's

different from regular massage a basic

definition of prenatal massage is

massage received while you were pregnant

oh I thought it was just like a

different way that they are different

technique that they use during your

pregnancy not completely it's it is very

similar to a typical Swedish or a deep

tissue massage and given the strokes

that you use and the pressure applied

but in a typical deep tissue or Swedish

massage your practitioner will start you

lying on your stomach and about halfway

through they'll flip you onto your back

or vice versa okay question I don't mean

to interrupt but if they're big and

pregnant how exactly are we laying them

on their stomach that's the big

difference between a Swedish rooting

tissue and a prenatal prenatal we put

you in a position called side-lying ah

okay the sideline position we're all

familiar with that and it's on your left

side for the majority of the massage we

have pillows that we place underneath

your head and under your belly for

support and between your legs this helps

keep your spine in a neutral position as

it would be if you were laying on your

stomach or on your back the pillows also

provide support so when I'm pressing you

don't roll onto your belly

awesome awesome and so is it safe to do

throughout all of the trimesters during

pregnancy the American Pregnancy

Association says yes you can do it

throughout from the first trimester to

the third and postpartum as well how

often would you recommend a mom get

prenatal massage honestly you can get

one once a week you can the least amount

I would suggest is one every six weeks

because that will help keep your muscles

in line keep them in tune with what's

going on but you have to think your body

is going through so many different

changes at this point in your

life you're gaining all this extra

weight in one specific place so what

happens is your body has to

overcompensate to be able to stand up


to do all your normal things so

naturally what your body does is you

start leaning backwards to compensate

for the bowling ball that you have

inside your belly keep bowling ball the

ball so as you lean back this puts

tension on your erectors which are the

muscles that help hold your spine up

this is why so many moms have back pain

and leg pain and hip pain during

pregnancy it's because you're having to

offset that extra weight so coming in

for a massage to keep your body up to

date with everything that's going on

really helps it really reduces the pain

it lengthens the muscles and it just

gives you that extra oomph II need to be

able to get through plus it's a huge

stress reliever right it really is

actually it has been shown in studies

that massage during pregnancy can even

help with prenatal depression and not to

mention the power of human touch really

really does something pretty no massage

it helps with low back pain it helps

with leg pain if you were having mild

edema or swelling in your legs and feet

I can do a technique called lymphatic

drainage oh that's really helpful it

helps get your lymph slowing which is

kind of what's blocking and whatwhat's

swelling up when you have a mild edema

now if you have unilateral meaning one

leg or the other swelling that can be a

sign for preeclampsia yeah call your

healthcare provider if you have one side

swelling and not the other you do all of

your clients need an okay to have

massage during pregnancy or is this

something that they can do unless they

have a medical condition this is

something you can do unless you have a

medical condition and like Megan said

before she doesn't just do prenatal

massage but for prenatal Mama's she does

have some packages I do have a package

right now it's three massages for a

discounted price as long as you purchase

all of them at the same

time three massages one per trimester

that would be amazing

I'm gonna go ahead and post the de

l'homme therapeutic massage link below

so thank you Megan for doing what you do

we are so excited to have her here at

the birth house so thank you ladies for

watching and I'll see you next Midwife

Monday bye bye