How to Unclog a Toilet - Clogged toilet TRADE SECRET!



00:22 Speaker 1: G'day Knuckleheads. Uncle Knackers' here, and welcome to Video 8 of

my 10-part series titled, "My Top 10 DIY Tips" as nominated by you.

00:33 S1: And today, I'm gonna show you how to easily unclog a toilet without using a

plunger. Let's check it out. Oh-wee! Had a curry last night. Absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately,

it's come at a cost. Let's check this out. A totally blocked up toilet. Aw! And just

a quick disclaimer before I start this demo. Toilets can block up for a number of different

reasons, and there's a number of ways to tackle a problem. For your everyday common blockage,

the method I'm about to show you is an absolute ripper and really take some [01:09] ____ beating.

But if you've got a more stubborn block, a blockage that maybe deeper down inside the

pipe work, you may require a plunger or a toilet auger or even the assistance of a plumber.

01:22 S1: With all that malarkey out of the way, let's get stuck into that blockage. Don't

panic, and don't call the plumber just yet. I want you to try this little trick first.

Now, this is the secret source to unclogging a toilet. It's regular dish washing detergent.

Now remember, don't tell your mates. This is our little secret. So, that's a regular

dish washing detergent and some hot water. And I'll show you what to do with it.

01:52 S1: The first thing I do, when unblocking a toilet is, I like to put down some towels

first, just around the toilet, just in case it overflows. It could get a bit messy. The

next step is to get our secret sauce, the dish washing detergent, and give it a generous

squirt inside the bowl. And don't be shy, and give it a good 'ol squirt. Just like that.

The next thing you do, is you grab your hot water, and slowly pour into the bowl. And

what this does, is it helps the detergent penetrate the clog, and it helps the detergent

to lubricate the pipes, which will make the clog slippery.


02:40 S1: Now relax and be a little patient. This will take about 20 minutes to take full

effect. And hopefully, that curry won't kick back in. Back in 20.

02:49 S1: Okay. It's 20 minutes later and you can see that the water level has gone

down a little bit. So, what we do now, is we don't flush, but we pour another bucket

of water into that bowl and hopefully, that will clear the block. If you do flush it,

it might come up too high, and go over the edge. So again, a bucket of water and we pour

it into the bowl. Use a little bit of force and that will hopefully, clear the blockage.

We'll just give that a minute or two and see how it goes. And there she goes.

03:31 S1: Great tip, knackers! And now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a job to do. Whoop!

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