Breast Implants and Exercise: What You Gotta Know!

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So after your surgery, you might be wondering, “When can I go to the gym again?”

or "When can I start working out?” because a lot of us, especially if you're

already in the routine of going to the gym,

you're going to have crazy monkey brain the entire time.

I am the worst patient, so I didn't follow all of the rules

but they're still fully intact, I promise.

Nonetheless, there are rules and there are guidelines

to what you can and what you can't do following surgery

and in what window or time period in which you can start those activities.

Most of our doctors recommend that when you do start to

ease back into activities, that you truly ease back into them.

So don't go for a six mile run on week three because you feel like you can do it.

No, you need to take it easy.

six miles?

Drop it down to one.

When getting back into the gym and doing weightlifting, we recommend to all of our patients

that if you're going to do any sort of pectoral exercise

that you do wait six weeks after surgery, so push-ups, pull-ups, anything with weight,

anything that's really going to strain those pectoral muscles

or put any pressure on them is something that you want to refrain from for a little bit.

I remember at like at one-week post-op I was okay to lightly jog with some support.

So don't forget, support your girls now.

Double bras.

But then I was really big into hot yoga and working out like all the yoga stuff.

So being upside down and using a lot of my chest muscles,

I did have to wait that full six weeks and even then kind of modify

to make sure like I wasn't doing too much.

I more so like the weighted, I like to do weighted exercise,

so like push-ups and pull-ups and squats with weights

and things like that and I felt like once I started doing it

I was not able at six weeks to just full-fledged jump in there and do it.

It took me like a solid few months to build it back and it felt weird,

don't get me wrong.

For a year it truly feels weird, but you're not going to do anything bad to

them, you're not going to harm them by starting

to lift weights or anything like that.

It just it feels funky.

It does, so take it easy, work your way up.

Don't feel like you're gonna be ready to start where you left off at six weeks.

You're going to modify, you’re going to take it easy,

but you will get there.