Vicodin - Hydrocodone: How to Avoid Withdrawl Symptoms When You Stop Taking Vicodin

good morning and welcome to you be all

you are TV I'm your host Brad Harmon and

today my guest is dr. Trey rigor with

Columbia pain management in Hood River


dr. rigor welcome to the broadcast

morning Brad pleasure to be here we're

grateful for you taking your time out of

your busy schedule to join us

now dr. rigor over the last few weeks

we've been talking a little bit about

the changes that they're making the

vicodin how it's becoming a schedule 2

controlled substance and the possible

changes that will make for prescribing

it for pain medication for long term

chronic pain one of the things that's

kind of popped up that's a bit of a

concern is what if they can no longer

get their medicine because their doctor

changes the prescribing practice and

doesn't want to prescribe it anymore

or if people have just decided that they

no longer want to use it because it's a

schedule to type medicine what can they

do to stop using vicodin so they won't

have to suffer with the terrible

withdrawal symptoms yeah that's a great

question Brad so we know that coming up

here on October 5th 6th vicodin will be

a schedule 2 which is in recognition

that it has a higher risk of addiction

and abuse then was originally thought

what that means practically speaking is

that vicodin can no longer be called in

people need a handwritten prescription

and they will no longer be able to

receive refills on the medicine so we

suggested earlier that it's a good time

for people to sort of stop and take a

deep breath and decide you know is the

medicine if they're taking it really

doing what it's supposed to do for them

and if they decide that it's not if they

decide that the medicine is more harm

than positive in their life it's a good

time to do something and then we'll also

have to admit that there will be

physicians that aren't comfortable

prescribing bike anymore so what can you

do on the one very reasonable choice is

just to taper off with the assistance of

your provider some people actually don't

have much withdrawal if they taper off

and they feel pretty decent

ah increased pain after this stop the

medicine that's what we call post acute

withdrawal for so so for those folks

that have that really difficult

withdrawal syndrome have a really hard

time coming off the medicine you know

what is there to do um one solution that

we deploy is the medicine called

buprenorphine which is a substitute for

the vicodin the hydrocodone the Norco um

it's another opiate but it is a Schedule

three opiate it's felt to have a safe -

better safety profile so there's less

risk it is felt of overdose in addiction

it comes in a patch it's called Butte


and it comes in a tablet that you can

melt under your tongue um there's a bit

of a process to make the transition so

people would have to speak with their

provider or someone that prescribes the

medication about making the transition

but we've had you know a couple three

hundred people now make the transition

and be happy with their pain control

I'll avoid the protracted withdrawal and

are doing quite well for those folks

that decide they don't like the medicine

and are able to taper off easily that's

obviously a superior solution and then

you can move to medicines perhaps like

gabapentin or Tylenol for your pain

control and be in a good spot but for

those folks that can't and you know

we've seen on our comments section

some people can beep Norfolk can be a

very viable option that's good to know

we appreciate you taking your time to

share that with us now so summing it all

up with the big change with the vicodin

to schedule two controlled substance

what do you think the big takeaway is

for chronic pain sufferers right now

because of the change yeah the big

takeaway right now

is to contact your physician or your

mid-level provider get in and make a

plan for those folks that have refills

right now they do get a little breathing

room because we do have guidance that

most of those refills will be honored

till next spring but don't just assume

that everything is going to be the way

it was now is a good time to talk to

your family ask them you know has this

made a positive change in my life talk

to your provider what's it going to be

like to get my medicine from here

forward and make a plan don't just

ignore the changes and be caught off

guard because it could be um you know

uncomfortable for people that go into

precipitous withdrawal great thank you

again for sharing your accounts and

advice with us we always appreciate your

wisdom thanks for asking Brad and thank

you for joining us on you be all you are

TV we hope you'll tune in soon for

another broadcast