True or False: 1 cup of coffee a day is safe during pregnancy

now that you're pregnant you probably

have all kinds of questions and one of

the most common early pregnancy

questions is is it safe or is it not

safe to eat this but I'm pregnant so to

help you navigate through that I've

compiled the top 5 fact versus fiction

list of food safety during pregnancy

recommendations so let's get started

question number 1 fact or fiction having

one cup of coffee a day is considered

safe in pregnancy that's a fact

according to the most recent research

daily moderate caffeine consumption does

not appear to have any major impact and

causing a miscarriage or preterm birth

or other similar negative pregnancy

outcomes so what's considered moderate

200 milligrams of caffeine a day or the

amount that you would find in about a 12

ounce cup of coffee a day is considered

safe and