When you go home - pain do's and don'ts after breast augmentation


when you go home after breast

augmentation surgery people after breast

augmentation surgery either say the

night which already prefer because I

think that you can wake up in your own

time and be well cared for and the next

day everything's kind of sorted but you

can't go home during the day and the

same day of surgery

and around the world probably the

majority of breast implant surgery is

done as a surgery because we can keep

people overnight I think it's a better

experience but it's a patient choice

really so if you go home the same day

the keys are the do's and don'ts and

pain management so really the key is to

rest my instructions to people are to

walk drink

rest that's really all you need to do I

don't restrict people on their arm

movements but do everything slowly make

sure it's easy to do don't do things

that involve any strain or would be

strenuous to do in terms of pain control

and nausea control these are the most

important things and what worry

frightened people the most breast

implant surgery during the operation I'm

going to be putting a lot of local in a

city in in the breast pocket so people

usually wake up not too bad not too sore

that will wear off at about 12 hours

post-surgery but by that time you're

awake and in control

take oil medications most people need

strong painkillers like an endo or

trammel or something like that

Hajin for one to three days after breast

implant surgery really longer than three

days and some people actually don't need

it at all but most people will need it

for a couple of days we prescribed that

for you and you take those drugs home

paracetamol every four hours is

important even though you might think an

adult's not a very strong drug it

provides the basis for them for the

analgesic that you need to be more

comfortable and you can take I don't

mind because like it comes through also

you can take neurofen as well if you

wish so there's an on the the cocktail

of painkillers should be a base of

panadol taken to the accurate dosage

plus and minus nurofen

which you can double up on with panadol

if you like and a strong painkiller if

you're a person that doesn't get

nauseated on these drugs then you're

kind of home free just work on making

sure you've got plenty of fluid intake

to get hungry have something to eat but

don't eat anything that's not like if

you get nausea then you cut this kind of

a balancing act a little bit of of

needing to have pain killers to relieve

pain but not having so much that you

feel too crappy

from a nausea point of view we prescribe

you an teen audience to go home which

help essentially make sure everyone or

Ziona that you keep your fluids up and

so if you get dehydrated you get sick

you don't have to eat it's not a mistake

for a day or two it would really matter

and take sugary drinks and and keep you

fluids up you're going to be fine

so keep the fluids up rest stay warm you

can use ice packs sometimes it helps

diminish that discomfort take the

panadol take the neurofen if you need it

on top of that if you need a strong

painkiller take it but don't take a lot

of it if you're struggling just ring

call us our contact numbers are there

people managed this very well it's it's

rarely a significant problem