De Winterizing boat engine - 1st START of the summer!


hey youtubers Mike borders with of my

Forte's channel thank you for watching

if you're joining us from the previous

couple videos we remove the shrink-wrap

material the smart way not the dumb way

we also do the thorough inspection of

the engine all the electrical wiring the

hoses etc we also hooked up the battery

and the fuel and now it's time to start

the engine in this video we're going to

walk you through how to hook up the moss

supply the water to the actual engine

and get that engine running and clear

out all that fogging oil that we put in

last fall during the winter ization

process let's do it

at the garden hose make sure you have a

good hose that has pressure no leaks

here is the muffs we're going to insert

and secure the muff on the actual thread

of the hose try not to over tighten it

because it'll be a pain getting this off

but you want it tight enough where this

will not spray out water at this point

and interfere with the water pressure

going inside the engine for proper

cooling looking at the right side of the

engine coming down very important step

make sure these water inlet screens are

clear of any debris clean because this

is where the impeller sucks in that

water to properly cool the engine while

it's running that is important from here

we are going to grab the muffs and we

are going to position them over the


after connecting the must they should

look like this you should not be able to

see any portion of that in that screen

both sides take a look make sure that

they are on properly covering that

entire screen before we get the water

going and start the engine we want to

run you through what we're going to do

we're gonna turn on the water the water

is going to be provided to the engine

we're then going to verify my dad's in

the driver's seat that the shift cable

is in the neutral position at that point

he is going to start the engine the very

first thing you want to make sure when

the engine starts is that water that

sprays out because if you don't see that

the impeller is not properly pulling in

that water and cooling the engine turn

the engine off immediately if you do not

see that water line from there we are

going to let it run at idle and be

advised because we did the winterization

process last fall we fogged the entire

inside of the engine so it is going to

smoke probably a little more than a

normal engine for the first time start

so be aware of that smoke after the

engine starts it's normal we're gonna

let it run for five minutes at idle just

to verify it will run at idle and then

we are going to shift it into forward

make sure the prop moves will shift it

back in a neutral verify the prop stops

and then we'll shift it to reverse and

verify the profit spins the opposite way

then forward to verify that reverse

works so those are the steps I wanted to

share that with you now before we start

the engine and that engine gets really

loud and it's hard to hear me back at

the shift cable again verify it is in

the neutral position make sure the hose

is not in line with the prop because

again we are going to get that prop

moving you don't want the hose getting

chopped up to the back of the engine

let's go ahead and prime the fuel push

the ball four to five times until the

ball gets a little tension or heart

properly prime your engine of fuel

turn on the water back at the engine

make sure the water is coming out and

you can hear it kind of sputtering a

little bit so there is a little bit of

air in the hose let that air come out of

the hose let this hose run for a minute

just to get all that air out of the hose

on the actual engine we are going to

open up the choke okay we have the

shifter neutral we're gonna push it in

to choke a little start

and again is

and again let it run it idle get all

that fog in oil out of the engine that

smoke is normal don't be discouraged

about it we verify that our water pipes

coming out what to do sir


thank you



all right captain has turned off the

engine and before you move down to the

mosque let's go ahead and turn off the

water and a quick tip from the cat this

point we want the engine to cool off for

at least two hours because we are going

to change the spark plugs and that's

important because they sat in that

engine all winter long with that fog in

oil on it it's a good idea to replace

those old plugs with new plugs before

putting the boat in the water join us at

the next video

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