Hedge Trimming OVERGROWN Shrubs! - RSWAL Ep. 50





how's it going guys welcome to Ambrose

landscape YouTube channel today's video

we're doing a riding shotgun and so we

are at one of our condos today and we

will be doing a ton of hedge trimming I

was planning on getting some mowing and

trimming videos because we did

everything and the grass looks really

good because we literally just

fertilized last week so the property

looks really good but sadly this morning

I had a fire an employee just because

I've been having constant problems with

them I did have two employees but now

I'm down to one so kind of sucks but

whatever so we were originally planning

on getting this whole entire island done

right here behind me all the trimming

done but now we're only going to

probably be able to get about half of it

done which really sucks so that is what

we will be doing today and so a lot of

these shrubs are about roughly six seven

feet some of them a little bit taller so

these square ones right here take a

little bit of time mostly just because

the tops of the members are so high some

of the shrubs that are some of the

equipment I'm using today I'm using the

echo HC 2420 hedge trimmer has been my

go-to hedge trimmer for the past two

years hasn't let me down yet so so far

that's been a great trimmer and then of

course I'm using the steel combi system

articulating head and that's been a

great trimmer for the most part it's not

as good honestly so far it's not as good

as the echo pas articulating head

mostly because once you get a little bit

in the dirt or if you're doing kind of

ground-level stuff it tends to run rough

I don't know for some reason the cut

just as soon as good as the echo but

sadly even though I have the echo PS

with the articulating head out of course

the echo equipments not running so what

else is new so anyways so we're using

the still and then the echo hedge

trimmer so those are the two things

we're doing so we're throw the camera on

a tripod get some hedge trimming done

and we'll get going so let's go ahead

and get started










































all right guys so we gotten done with a

good majority of the head trimming so

now what we're gonna do is we're gonna

get the mower suck up all the little

clippings I went and blew out all the

bed it's at least the best I could hold

on let me change my vertigo wrong way

they're just so I went and blew out all

this bed right here and the wind for

dese I wouldn't say it's strong but it's

fairly strong enough to where I'm

getting a lot of blowback from all the

grasses or all the

leaves and all that stuff sorry lots of

come on so anyways forget the Walker

glowing right now so let's go and get

this all set up and we'll be all good to

go today

alright guys so we are all done here so

if you can't see me it keeps going back

in and out of the shade and stuff like

that but we were all done so we got

basically what we wanted and set out to

do today like it's a I wanted to be able

to get this whole entire section done

but with us down now an employee we

weren't able to do that but as you guys

can see they all turn up pretty good I

was starting to use the steel

articulating head one but this thing

just it was just cutting like crap

wanting to sharpen but then again those

blades are a lot newer than the echo and

the echo just cuts way better that's why

I switched back over to it and then of

course all the really tight you know

hard-to-reach spots it just makes it

more difficult with this guy so I

usually prefer to use the echo hedge

trimmer but anyways let me turn the

camera around so you guys can see what

everything looks like right guys so here

is the after of some of the section as

you guys saw me tréminis so this wasn't

it wasn't too bad the laurels a little

bit harder to trim just because it has

thicker branches and stuff like that so

it takes a little bit longer for things

to trim up but you guys can see these

all turned out really well

I've been trimming these guys for I

think this property for at least 3 or 4

years so it's fairly simple just because

you just follow last year's cut and you

just basically cut off the new growth so

but yeah everything looks good like I

said grass is nice and green because we

fertilize last week so I was really

happy there's wanting to get some

footage of all that but but yeah guys

this is it hope you guys enjoyed this

and so show you guys what we got so we

got almost a truckload of course a

little bit of this is from the grass

from today as well turn this down boom

right there but anyways yeah like I said

so we dean maybe you guys can't see

anything so anyways we have the rest of

this whole entire section to do so

basically the amount of time it took us

to do all that down there we'll have to

do this so anyways guys that's it so I

hope you guys enjoyed this quick little

video it's been a long time since we got

some footage up I want to try to get as

much as I can but with me down now and

employee let's see what we can do but

anyways hope you guys enjoyed this be

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guys next time on