Dr. Adrian Marimon Shares Pregnancy "Do's and Don'ts"

- So there's new hair dyes that don't use ammonia which

is the product that we want to avoid.

I've heard that they're not as good as the traditional

products that us ammonia, but those are safe in pregnancy,

that this those without the ammonia.

Those can be used.

Other questions that you asked about travel.

When you see your doctor they'll be able to tell you

how your state of health is and if they see

any risk factors for traveling.

Otherwise what's important to know about travel is

when you do go to wherever your desination is,

where the hospitals are, what doctors you can contact

if you have an emergency there.

Other things to think about are the airline, or if you're

going to let's say take a cruise, each company has

their own restrictions so you should contact them

before you make your travel plans and see

what those restrictions are.

One of the ones that I'm asked a lot about is diet.

The diet, you know usually I tell my patients to just have

a well-balanced diet and not to exaggerate how much

increase of food they take in on a daily basis.

Pretty much the recommendation is to start off with an

increase of about 300 calories a day,

which is about 10-15% more.