When Can You Bring Your Puppy Outside?

hi guys I'm here so I want to know who

has gotten a new puppy so if you have a

new puppy I want you to go ahead and

show them out to the world and pop them

the picture of them into the comment

section so we can all see them so you

got your new puppy and now what you want

to do you want to bring your mat slide

show them off to everybody I mean who

doesn't want to go inside put their new

puppy so you've got to be super super

careful when you've got a new puppy at

their immune system it's every week

going outside now they're not going to

get rabies but there is a risk that you

could get that she's like powerful so

generally you want to wait one to two

weeks after they get their final shots

which is that around 14 to 16 weeks of

age but you are going to need to take a

cookie outside because unless you want

your dog pain in the house all the time

you're gonna want to take them outside

and learn them how to have to do they're

funny break them doors so when you're

outdoors you need to avoid dogs at all


what like if anybody wants to come near

you you need to tell people to stay away

with their dogs because they will try to

say oh my dog gets vaccinated they're

fine or whatever you just need to be

firm for this for the sake of your puppy

to say oh we're we're in training or

we're learning new things just something

to keep them away just pick up your

puppy and go back inside so when they

are out and about you need to be super

super vigilant dogs like to explore and

keep things up so it's up to you to make

sure that they don't pick up on easy

especially dog food puppies love to pick

up dog poop it's the number one thing

that so many puppies catches Gardea

which is them it's these that they get

from from eat northern dog food they

might eat their own dog poop they might

be order dog poop so be armed with

treats and make sure that your dogs or

something or anybody else's another

that's very people as a new dog owner

you will see that your dog they want to

eat dog food so another thing you can do

why you can't bring your dog for walks

is have a cookie party so if you know

anybody who has a dog and you know

they're fully vaccinated

start socializing with dogs that you

know so if friends or family have other

cookies or dogs that are good for


if you

idea to go and go see the dog and

introduce them and socialize in that way

and the other thing that you may want to

do is host a party for your dog that it

just gets to meet all different views so

you want them to meet men tall man small

like men with beards now my hats on and

the same with women you want them to be

introduced to all kinds women children

and men over every kind of age high

bills you want to give up socialize them

as much as possible we have a great

resource for you to be able to socialize

your dog if you go to Toronto dog

walking calm or slash populace you'd be

able to download the list that you gave

up start working on socializing your

phone so just be super vigilant when you

have a public order after four

vaccinations that you bring them outside

your watching their very every move just

to make sure that they don't pick up

anything so the puppy resource again if

you want to go and get it it's a great

list that will be able to harm you to go

through everything that you need to

socialize into to bring up a happy

comfortable it's a Toronto dog walker

and calm horse that's probably best if

you have any questions just pop it in

the comments and I'll be coming back to

check it out thanks